Magnum Cosmo 2.0 Review 2023 | Colorful Commuter With Cruiser Soul!

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The Cosmo 2.0 is Magnum’s contemporary commuter e-bike with a bright and cheery style! In this Magnum Cosmo 2.0 review, we run through the bike’s specs and talk about its real-world performance after testing its brakes, range, hill climbing power, and more!

We found ourselves impressed first and foremost by the Cosmo’s colorful vibe; so many of the bikes we test are boring shades of black, white, or grey. With a contemporary design and lots of fun color options, the bike gets two thumbs up from us!

Additionally, the bike’s ride felt relaxing and fun thanks to its 500W rear hub motor. With a cadence sensor, the Cosmo 2.0’s motor doesn’t require you to work hard or get sweaty. Pedaling can be completely easy and enjoyable!

Finally, the bike offers quite a bit of flexibility in comfort and fit. With an adjustable stem and a long seatpost, the bike can adapt to riders 5’-0” and up, and the riding position can be customized to match its rider’s needs.

Check out our full Magnum Cosmo 2.0 video review for more on this colorful commuter!

0:00 iGOMagnum Cosmo 2.0 Review
0:36 Overview
4:42 Brake Test
5:47 Speed Test
10:27 Range Test
11:48 Hill Test
17:07 Ride Quality
21:29 Magnum Cosmo 2.0 Conclusion

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