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In our review of the Magnum Metro 750 we cover the key components and results from our performance tests on this e-bike, including motor power, speed profile, battery range, braking and suspension, hill climbing, and overall ride comfort.

The Metro 750 is a Class 3 commuter e-bike, featuring a powerful 750W motor that gets you up to safe speeds. The battery range can take you up to 60 miles, the brakes stop safely, and the frame design and seat ergonomics make for a very comfortable ride. The suspension fork and 26” x 4” fat tires give you a very smooth and stable ride, so much so that you will want to ride this bike more and more.

This bike can be used for commuting and outback adventures. The 26” x 4” fat tires can roll over almost anything while also providing additional suspension support. Riders who are new or returning from a long layoff will appreciate the stable ride and ease of operations. The 750w motor delivers generous chunks of power to help you get around and past whatever is in your way.

The Metro 750 is ideal for riders looking for performance and fun at a reasonable price. Magnum ships directly to consumers, free of charge in the 48 contiguous US states. They also offer a 15-day conditional return policy.

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13:26 Magnum Metro 750 Conclusion

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