Magnum Pilot Review 2023 | Cruise, Commute, and Turn Heads On White-Wall Tires

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In this review of the Magnum Pilot electric bike, we cover all the details on this commuter e-bike that also shares some of the same features found on cruiser e-bikes. We also cover the results from our performance tests, so you can have realistic expectations on the Pilot’s capabilities.

Besides going over the electrical specs, like the motor and battery, we also cover things like the torque sensor, controller and pedal assist system. We describe how this technology helps the bike increase its range and improve its performance.

When going over the Pilot’s results from our performance tests, we talk about the important takeaways, like how they translate to real world applications, and things you should keep in mind when riding and maintaining this bike. Our performance tests cover safe braking, battery range, PAS speeds, hill climbing and ride quality.

We also cover the components that enable this bike to do what it can do. For example, this bike uses different gearing than most of the other commuter bikes we’ve tested, as well as it uses a derailleur clutch to help prevent the chain from slipping off the chain ring when riding over bumps.

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0:00 Magnum Pilot Review
0:51 Overview
4:15 Brake Test
5:08 Speed Test
9:45 Range Test
11:03 Hill Test
15:35 Ride Quality
18:44 Magnum Pilot Conclusion

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