Magnum Vertex Review 2023 | Hardtail Trail Bike With Comfortable Features

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As a hybrid XC electric mountain bike and commuter, the Magnum Vertex rides well on pavement and singletrack. We tested the bike’s performance to give you all the details in this Magnum Vertex review!

With a 500W mid-drive motor, 27.5”x2.8” knobby tires, and front suspension fork with 130 mm of travel, the Vertex has the power, stability, and comfort needed for tough environments.

The bike uses a torque sensor to detect rider effort, delivering pedal assistance as soon as it’s needed! In combination with the robust mid-drive, this means it has a natural-feeling ride with the boost that only an e-bike can provide.

The bike’s 720 mm handlebars and ergonomic grips provide great comfort and excellent control, making long rides in demanding conditions possible.

Check out our Magnum Vertex video review for more about this versatile lite eMTB!

0:00 Magnum Vertex Review
0:37 Overview
5:42 Brake Test
7:04 Speed Test
11:32 Range Test
12:56 Hill Test
17:18 Ride Quality
21:22 Overview

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