Mokwheel Basalt Review 2023 | Fast, Powerful E-Bike With Solar Panel & Inverter Accessories!

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The Mokwheel Basalt is a fat tire e-bike made for open-ended exploration. We talk about the bike’s features, components, and performance in this Mokwheel Basalt review!

As you’d expect, this fat bike comes with a 750W rear-hub motor with 90Nm of torque to help you accelerate quickly and conquer steep slopes. It provides responsive motor power through a torque sensor, giving you as much power as you need where and when you need it.

The bike’s optional accessories are what make it stand out! The bike can be coupled with a power inverter and solar panels to recharge in the backcountry and power a huge variety of devices. This isn’t just unique – it’s unheard of elsewhere!

We saw fantastic range even without the accessories; the bike’s 941 Wh battery powered its motor for over 70 miles.
Check out our review for more about this beast of an e-bike, the Mokwheel Basalt!

0:00 MokWheel Basalt Review
0:36 MokWheel Basalt Overview
3:00 Brake Test
4:23 Battery / Range Test
7:21 Circuit Test
6:29 Cockpit & Handling
9:02 Motor / Hill Test
13:34 Ride Quality
15:12 MokWheel Basalt Conclusion

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