Mokwheel Obsidian Review 2024 | A Powerful Full Suspension Machine For Off-Roading, Commuting & More

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The Mokwheel Obsidian is a full-suspension, fat tire e-bike from the brand that built their reputation on the Basalt. With a powerful motor, a soft ride, and some of the brand’s optional accessories, this monster can literally take you anywhere! Learn more in this Mokwheel Obsidian review.

With a 1,000W rear-hub motor, the Obsidian can ride over any and all types of terrain. We took the bike primarily on fire roads and doubletrack, though it would likely make a decent overlanding adventurer as well.

The bike’s full suspension is a welcome addition; the Obsidian is largely the same as Mokwheel’s popular Basalt fat bike, just with a more powerful motor and a lot more squish. We loved the Basalt, but the Obsidian raised the bar with a more comfortable ride even in harsh, rocky conditions.

Adventurous riders can take advantage of a handful of Mokwheel’s optional accessories; as a “power station” e-bike, the Obsidian’s battery can be charged in the wilderness with solar panels. It can also be connected to other devices using a power inverter with various ports including USB-A, USB-C, DC, and more.

Dive into the Obsidian with us in this Mokwheel Obsidian review!

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