Murf Higgs Step-Thru Review 2023 | Fun Low-Riding Utility E-Bike

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Our review of the Murf Higgs Step-through electric bike covers all the details you need to help you figure if this bike is for you. Beginning with the motor, we also cover the other key parts of this bike, including battery range, braking, suspension and handling, hill climbing, and ride comfort.

Much of our analysis in this e-bike review relates to the performance tests we put the Higgs ST through. The Speed Test gives us the average speed at each pedal assist level, and tells us how well the bike engages with the riders pedaling. The range test is meant to help you figure out how far you can ride this bike on one battery charge, using the highest power output from the motor and the lowest power output.

Our hill test measures this bike’s climbing ability, using the throttle only and using the pedal assist system with basic pedaling. We do the test on one of the steepest hills for cyclists in Southwest Utah.

Our brake test lets you know how safe this bike is, and whether the brakes can stop you quickly enough when you’re riding. The results from our performance tests add value to your prospect of buying an electric bike because all of the information is vital for making a sound purchase.

We also cover riding comfort, bike components, possible changes worth making, and ride input from our team of experienced riders. The information you get from the Electric Bike Report is some of the most in-depth and credible information you will find anywhere on electric bikes, making this the go-to source for all e-bike information.

0:00 Murf Higgs ST Review
0:45 Overview
3:36 Brake Test
4:42 Speed Test
9:15 Range Test
10:57 Hill Test
14:55 Ride Quality
18:21 Murf Higgs ST Conclusion

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