My Dad’s Electric Bikes for his RV, Replace a Towed Vehicle My father recently retired and bought his first RV. He considered using a tow vehicle to navigate jeep trails, but the added expense and hassle of towing worried him. Eventually, they decided to buy a couple of ebikes instead! This is his story, including why he chose RadRovers and all of the upgrades and accessories that make the bikes work well (links to locations and products are listed further down, more details are listed in the EBR forums linked at the start of the description). Feel free to share your thoughts, any ideas for improving this build, or your own unique RV ebike solutions 🙂

0:00 Introduction, why ebikes vs. a tow vehicle
1:57 Why he chose fat tire electric bikes
3:29 RV upgrades (solar, cellular wifi, hitch riser)
4:57 Bike rack setup and loading demo
5:28 Why they chose Rad Power Bikes RadRovers
6:58 Tip: lock suspension fork when transporting
7:54 Tip: aover bikes and use a bungee net
9:24 Hub motor and throttle benefits, bike armor
12:07 Rear rack and bag contents (first aid, locks)
12:52 Thule T2 Pro XTR rack, folding bike options
15:17 Tip: additional bottle cages for more water
16:45 Tip: stem riser for taller riders
17:16 Taking the bikes off and on the hitch rack
19:26 Upgraded handlebar and grips for ergonomics
21:43 Additional lights for safety, motion sensor!
22:40 Tip: light positioning and rescue tape mounting
26:51 Inspecting the bottom bracket for damage
28:17 Rear rack, trunk bag, and pannier bag details
30:12 Charging options, range of the bikes
31:15 Steep climbs, deep sand, friends in jeeps
34:12 Tip: staying cool when riding in the heat
36:28 Handlebar mirrors for safety in traffic
37:32 Tip: puncture protection for desert riding
40:55 Using a smartphone, USB power, GPS
41:45 Additional reflective stickers
42:16 Suspension upgrades and adjustments
44:24 Closing thoughts, site resources and forums
45:54 Arizona desert ride begins, hill climb
49:10 Continued riding, Cholla cactus observation

Roads with restrictions that the RV could not handle:
– Death Valley Artists Palette
– Death Valley Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Jeep roads:
– Mojave Desert Lava Tube Trail and
– Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves

Bike trails:
– Grand Canyon Rim Hermit Road
– Hoover Dam Historic Railroad Trail
– Goat Canyon Railroad Trestle
– White Tank Mountains

Electric bikes with all details listed
– RadRover 5
– RadRover Step-Thru 1

Electric bike hitch rack and covers for RVs
– Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR
– Bungee Cargo Net
– Wireless RV Rear Camera

Bike locks for transporting and riding
– Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus
– Abus Bordo Big
– 15FT Security Braided Steel Cable

Tire protect to prevent flats
– Tannus Arrmour Tire Inserts
– Flat Attack Tire Sealer

Light and reflector upgrades
– BrightRoad First
– Rescue Tape
– Bafang Extension Cable
– Black Reflective Stickers

Rear rack, trunk bag, pannier bags
– Ibera Bike Rack
– Ibera Bike Trunk Bag
– Ibera Panniers

Swept back handlebar and ergonomic grips
– Jones H-Bar
– Ergon GC1 Grips
– Small Bar End Mirror
– Longer Adjustable Mirror

Water bottle upgrades and expansion
– Dual Bottle Holder
– Stem Riser
– Ibera Bottle Cage
– Polar Insulated Water Bottle

Comfort and armor upgrades
– SR SUNTOUR SP12-NCX Suspension Seat Posts
– Aftermarket spring kit for NCX
– Non Quick Release Seat Post Clamp
– Skid Plate for RadRover 5

Enjoy Bumpy and Jagged Terrains With Mountain Bikes

It is a strong as well as powerful bike that has some recognized attribute including wide tires and also tough deals with. These are primarily used for cycling on unequal surface. Various other names extensively used for these bikes are trail and dust bikes. These bikes are usually utilized in sports as well as shock absorbers. This bike rolls over terrain and objects in a far better method and also as a result of its reduced weight the bike has the ability to speed up rates faster.

Motocross Jerseys – Style, Flair, and Colors in Off-Road Apparel

Bike accessories have come to be the fashion tool nowadays. Usually, there is a practice for competitive cyclists to endure various clothing, yet it has currently end up being a design. Young people attempt to make a better impression over people with elegant biker jerseys often.

An Adventure With Mountain Bike

Mtb is especially developed to use for off-road cycling that might consist of dives, steep turn downs, dirt tracks, unpaved as well as logging roadways and so on. These are typically made use of to deal successfully with the barriers like rocks, stones or logs. Tires that are put in these bikes have jagged tires that permit additional traction in addition to take in any kind of shock that may result as a result of irregular roadways or tracks. In hill or hill climbing these bikes are frequently used.

Advantages of Unilateral Training For Mountain Bikers

Among the most effective mountain bike training pointers to boost your riding is to include a heavy dose of solitary limb training, likewise referred to as unilateral training. While bilateral training is better known and additionally crucial, there are a number of distinct benefits that unilateral training uses that makes it a must to consist of in your program. Prior to entering the 4 main benefits of unilateral training for mountain biking, however, allow’s get rid of up an usual misunderstanding.

Mountain Bike Injury Rehab Strategies

If you join mountain cycling long enough then odds are you will wind up with an injury at some factor. The injury range differs, varying from surgery and extreme physical therapy to merely requiring pause with some ice. Nonetheless, what mostly all injuries share is that there is generally a space in between where rehabbing the injury ends and also the level of strength and sychronisation required to safely and effectively return to the trail.

Bicycling – Group Ride Safety

With today’s passion in health and wellness and also alternate methods of transportation, cycling has become a popular task. Numerous new cyclist are taking to the roadway and also joining well-known cycling “group trip” as a kind of training as well as socializing. However, a lot of do not know there is an inflexible criteria within these groups as well as you may soon find on your own in problem if you do not follow correct rules as well as safety rules.

Cleaning Up a Muddy Mountain Bike

If are riding your hill bike as it was made to be utilized, probably it will eventually get home covered with mud. Below’s some great suggestions on cleansing it. As many individuals understand, mud comes off most easily when still damp. If you can, hose off the bike today. Otherwise the mud will certainly soon dry to a hard crust. In some instances, it will just exfoliate. In various other instances, it will be very hard to leave. You can try taking your bike to a self offer car clean where you can utilize a stress washer to launch the caked on dirt.

Guidelines For Buying Men’s Mountain Bikes

When purchasing your new mountain bike choose a bike within you spending plan and also conserve sufficient for a couple of bike accessories. Bike helmet, water bottle, handwear covers, bike lock to name a few.

Mountain Biking Helmet Cameras For Trail Riding Or Mountain Bike Racing

Videotape all your hill biking trail trips or mountain cycling races with a safety helmet webcam. Every mountain bike enthusiast should have a headgear cam to tape-record all those adrenaline pumping rides with a durable mountain bicycle safety helmet cam.

How to Get Your Gal to Ride a Mountain Bike

It’s an excellent day for a ride on your favored path. You as well as your mtb are topped as well as all set. You have actually got lots of water, a Powerbar or two, your safety helmet and also handwear covers. Simply one element is missing out on: your unique gal.

Winning Armando – A Mountain Bike Tale

I was not a sports kid, as well as never won any kind of prizes for sporting activities. Spelling as well as mathematics, yes. But not sports! I was timid and retiring, the last selected on any kind of group. It was a “DILEMMA” situation; the less self-confidence my peers disclosed in my athletic capacities, the worse I would play.

How to Buy a Mens Mountain Bike

With a revival of interest being concentrated on getting fit as well as exercising these days, it is no shock, then, that an increasing number of guys are using up the sporting activity of mtb riding. For numerous, though, just beginning can show to be an obstacle since there are so several different ranges of the mens mountain bicycle on the marketplace today, it can be challenging determining which one is best for you.

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