New Class 3 Ebike Helmet: Light, Cheap, Extra Safe?!

I often visit Indiegogo and Kickstarter to see new electric bike projects. Recently, I stumbled upon the XNITO, which proclaims that it’s a new class of helmet protection that’s 87% better than CPSC. It has bright rechargeable integrated front and rear safety lights that are much better than average. It provides side and rear coverage beyond most regular bicycle helmets, and is designed to withstand higher impacts. It’s over 50% funded right now, and I am not associated with the project at all… but the founder Benjamin Dai says that they are already starting manufacturing, and this is a side business from his already successful consulting company called Tunabear.

Official Indiegogo Campaign:
My reviews for DŌST Electric Bikes:
EBR forum post about the XNITO Old School:

0:00 How I discovered the XNITO helmet, what makes it special
0:59 Introducing Sam from DŌST Electric Bikes and his Kask helmet
1:36 Things to consider, CPSC vs. MIPS vs. NTA-8776 vs. DOT
4:23 DOT helmets tend to weigh more, weight of XNITO vs. my ABUS
4:57 Improved side and back coverage, demoing the lights, charging
5:43 Optional winter liner to use the helmet for ski and snowboard
6:21 Only available in one size but has a nice adjustable crown
7:18 Available in 7 colors with some different style graphics
8:22 Integrated lights not very visible from the sides
9:25 Pricing discussion, on sale through Indiegogo for $108 USD
9:59 Some background on Benjamin Dai and Tunabear, legit?
10:28 Curved buckle worked well, high visibility strap
11:19 Taking the helmet for a ride, thoughts on the vents

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Mountain Biking Trails – Bring Me That Horizon

That little scratchy feeling when you travel on your great old cycling road around your block. Like one hundred and also 2nd time? Isn’t it? If your answer is “yes” then it is time to speak about hill biking trails.

The Importance of Using Bike Lights

It may appear apparent yet there is a twin advantage in bikers using bike lights in dim/dark problems. They are utilized to not only increase the motorcyclist’s presence, yet additionally aid others to see the cyclist.

Finding the Best Bike Rack For Your Vehicle

Are you seeking a less complicated means to carry your bikes? In the previous ten years, makers in the industry have actually taken significant jumps in boosting bike shelf layout; they are likewise constantly seeking much more reliable, visually appealing designs in a wish to produce.

The Best Brands of Mountain Bikes

Hill bikes are constructed with the capability to handle rough terrain in mind. They have particularly built frames and tires to allow them to do this. Mtb can be found in 2 tastes: hardtail, meaning without a back suspension, and also full suspension, which involves both back and front suspension installed to the bike’s structure. The sort of hill bike a specific selects depends substantially on the sort of riding they intend to do. Past that there are various brands of mountain bicycle, and also high rate differences. Lets have a check out the top five best ranked mountain bike companies listed below.

Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack for the Average Joe

Learn what kind of drawback place bike shelf is best for the typical person or gal. Discover out what to look for and which essential functions your bike shelf ought to have.

Using Bike Lights for Safety Reasons

Though having a front and also rear set of bike lights is necessary for any bicyclist travelling during the night in the UK, several cyclists still ride without them regularly. It actually isn’t a whole lot of difficulty to locate a pair of lights as well as repair them to your bike and also it makes it a lot safer when riding, also if you’re not riding on a public freeway as they’re not just for making you visible to traffic, yet likewise seeing to it the course in advance of you is brightened.

Reasons to Try an Adventure Sport

Seeing experience sporting activities is indeed a reward to the eyes to those that enjoy it. If you are likewise a fan of experience sports. As an example, you can obtain mountain bicycle helmets for hill biking and skateboard headgears for skateboarding. Similarly, various other security accessories are additionally offered for every single sport that postures a risk of injury.

How to Wear Your Mountain Bike Gear for Maximum Protection

Almost every hill cyclist comprehends the significance of using the mountain biking safety accessories. Every mountain cycling safety gear is made such that it secures some component (s) of your body when you fulfill an accident during your trips.

A Guide to Mountain Bike Apparels

In order to start hill cycling you require to prepare on your own adequately. You will need to prepare for a number of things, consisting of the ideal garments, security accessories, biking devices, frameworks, as well as the bike. The item range available for all these items are so substantial that it might leave you perplexed concerning the things you must purchase.

Morzine Cycling: Styles and Routes

The French area of Morzine is usually better known for the excellent skiing as well as snowboarding conditions offered by its snow-covered heights every winter months. However, outdoors fanatics recognize that is not all there is to this little, idyllic resort. In the warmer period, it becomes a great place to go cross-country cycling or hill biking. However while lots of people appear to think the region is only great for downhill hill cycling, there is a lot more to Morzine biking than simply that, as you will certainly learn listed below.

Morzine: Cycling, the Summer Sport

If you’ve ever complied with the Excursion de France, you might consider Morzine, biking and also impressive endeavours, done in the one situation. While, however, not everybody are rather as much as Trip de France criteria, that does not suggest that you can’t cycle those popular paths or take on some of those fabulous climbs up.

Morzine Is More Than Just Winter Sports

There are plenty of wonderful activities to take component in when summertime rolls right into Morzine: cycling, treking, picnics, there is a lot more to the location than just winter sporting activities. When the snow declines and also the sun appears, an entire different side to the hotel exposes itself, giving site visitors accessibility to lovely towering pastures, environment-friendly mountainsides as well as crystal clear skies. The entire Portes du Soleil location provides plenty of selection in a relaxed and also casual atmosphere, with the winter sporting activity accommodation continuing to give a wonderful location to stay for those that desire an appropriate base for groups of close friends or family members in summer season.

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