NIU BQi-C3 Pro Review 2023 | Tons of Range From 2 Integrated Batteries!

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The NIU BQi-C3 Pro is a Class 2 and 3 commuter e-bike with a gorgeous design and dual batteries for an amazing range! We cover the bike’s specs, features, and capabilities in this NIU BQi-C3 Pro review!

With a sleek, futuristic aesthetic, the NIU BQi-C3 Pro looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Its contiguous frame members house and hide its TWO fully integrated batteries. We’ve never seen a dual-battery setup look this good!

The bike’s step-thru frame, drivetrain, and pedal-assist system make it easy to ride and operate. A highly accessible standover height of just 12.6 inches – one of the lowest we’ve seen – allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

With a total of 920 watt-hours of capacity, NIU advertises a range of 60-90 miles on a single charge, and we put that to the test. Check out the video to see if the bike lived up to that bold claim!

0:00 NIU BQI-C3 Pro Review
1:51 NIU BQI-C3 Pro Overview
3:58 Specs
8:32 Brake Test
9:48 Circuit Test
13:27 Battery/Range Test
15:49 Motor/Hill Test
17:33 NIU BQI-C3 Pro Conclusion

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