Orbea Rise H30 Review 2022 – $5.7k

Orbea Rise H30 Review 2022 – $5.7k

In this Orbea Rise H30 Review, we’ll cover its 540Wh battery, Shimano EP8 motor, DH casing, and Range extender. In addition, we’ll examine its other features. Read on to discover whether this bike is the right fit for you. Weighing in at under $800, the Rise is definitely one of the best options for serious mountain bikers.

540Wh battery

When designing the 540Wh Orbea Rise H30 battery, the company took into consideration how the cells would be distributed, the housing, and the brackets. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, Orbea optimized tube shapes and thickness and reinforced critical areas to improve stiffness. Because the battery is so large, it is also slightly heavier than the carbon Rise. However, the weight difference isn’t a significant one, and the Orbea Rise H30 has more than enough capacity to power the average rider for hours.

The 540Wh battery in the Rise is one of the slimmest and lightest examples available, weighing just 2.7kg. Its 21700 cells retain 80% of their capacity after 500 charging cycles, more than double the 18650 cells that lose a third of their capacity after each recharge. Moreover, the battery retains its capacity for up to seventy percent longer than the 18650 cells, meaning the battery should last for at least ten years of weekly riding.

The Orbea Rise can be used in challenging terrain and off-road. With a powerful motor, the battery is designed to take you on longer rides. It can even be used in low assist Eco mode, allowing you to reach your destination 50% faster than a normal ebike. When you buy the Orbea Rise, you can rest assured that the Orbea Rise will not let you down.

The Orbea Rise H30 540WH is the most affordable model of Orbea’s Rise eMTB line, offering cutting-edge riding geometry and a more affordable price tag. Moreover, the Rise H30 has an additional advantage – it retains the Rise aesthetic while being light enough to carry on a mountain bike. And it also weighs just 36 pounds – just right for everyday riding!

For optimum performance, you’ll need an ample battery with ample power. The Orbea Rise H30 is a perfect example of an ebike with extra range. Its 540Wh battery provides a minimum of eight hours of riding and an additional 252Wh (70%) when fitted with the optional Orbea RS Range Extender. This means that you can ride up to 10,000 feet in Eco mode with enough juice for an entire day.

Shimano EP8 motor

The Rise RS’s unique performance is based on the EP8 RS drive unit, which weighs 2.6kg but promises 36% less drag and vastly improved heat management. The Rise’s drive unit is classified as an RS motor, meaning that it has the same Q-factor as a standard Shimano crankset. In addition to this, the Rise’s battery capacity can be set to two different levels. The RS’s ability to be adjusted to the user’s needs is an impressive feature.

The SLX/Deore drivetrain and 540Wh battery on the Rise H30 are similar to those found in the previous Rise model. Both bikes feature the same tyres, but the H30 is slightly heavier, weighing approximately 20kg less than its predecessor. The rise H30 comes equipped with Shimano’s 2.6kg EP8 RS motor, which the company claims offers more efficiency and reduced drag. The RS motor is reportedly more responsive, and rides more naturally as a result.

The Orbea Rise H30 is a pedal-assist e-mountain bike with a Shimano EP8-RS motor. It is a member of Orbea’s Rise range of mountain bikes, and comes in various sizes. The Ride RS has an internal battery and an external battery. The RSR’s EP8-RS has two different output levels, and the Rise H30 has a mid-range output of 60Nm.

The Orbea Rise H30 is an e-MTB aimed at people who want to extend their experience of the trails. It is sleek, minimal, and integrated, and is a machine designed to expand the rider’s MTB experience. Its RS Concept, or “Ride Synergy” technology, provides smooth support and enhances the riding pleasure in traditional trail situations.

The Orbea Rise H30 weighs approximately 20kg, which means it’s more than capable of tackling the trail. It has 140mm travel up front and 150mm at the rear, and runs on tough Race Face 29-inch wheels. It also has a Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain. With the ability to change gears and battery capacity, the Orbea Rise H is one of the best electric bikes on the market.

DH casing

The Orbea Rise H30 is a new DH mountain bike that comes with a stable DH casing and a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork. It has the same tyres as its predecessor, but the riser weighs 20kg less. There are three stock models, including the entry-level H30. However, this model is not ready for the race circuit yet. It is available in either DH or SLX/Deore drivetrain builds. The Orbea MyO program is a deep consumer customisation program that includes brake swaps and fork and shock upgrades, tyre and seatpost alterations.

Its lower overall weight and lower-profile tyres help it to accelerate well. The low overall weight reduces deceleration when the motor cuts out. You can pedal harder to avoid deceleration when tackling ledges. In addition, its excellent climbing position helps you drive your weight into the front wheel. As a result, the Orbea Rise is a great technical climber.

Despite its shorter length, the Rise is similar to other DH bikes in terms of geometry. Its short chainstays are indicative of mountain bike geometry, but the shorter 150mm fork offers an even better riding position than the previous model. It also has a 65.5-degree head angle and a 450mm (medium) reach. It also has an extra-long seat tube, which means it can be more versatile.

The Orbea Rise has progressive geometry. Its longer front centre and steeper seat angle make it a more planted DH bike, but it lacks nimbleness on tight trails at slow speeds. However, the rise does have a more predictable arc at higher speeds. It also feels more comfortable at higher speeds. But it does not have as much fun in corners as the Spectral.

While the Rise does not have a DH frame, it does feature a pedal assist system, which can be useful if the rider isn’t comfortable pedaling. The Rise is also very lightweight, so it’s a versatile ride. And with the addition of a built-in USB port, you can even use it as a pedal bike. In addition to being versatile, the Rise also comes with a lightweight battery.

Range extender

The Orbea Rise H30 range extender is designed for cycling enthusiasts who want to extend their range on the road. Its 250-watt extender gives riders up to 70% more range than a standard bike battery. The Orbea Rise H30 can be mounted on the topside of the downtube inside the front triangle, replacing the water bottle. It has the same wheel size as the Wild FS but a shorter travel. The downtube girth is narrower than the Wild FS and it is equipped with a bridge between the seat tube and downtube.

The Rise H motor provides 60Nm of maximum torque compared to the standard EP8 motor, and is compatible with most bikes. Its progressive characteristics mean that it is most effective between 75-95 rpm. As a result, harder pedaling increases assistance, which is good for the rider. The Rise H comes with a 2.6kg Shimano EP8 RS motor. RS stands for ‘Ride Synergy’ and is said to have fewer drag and better efficiency. Its lower weight and shorter lag time means it can last for 1.5 times as long as regular ebikes with the same battery capacity.

The Orbea Rise H30 uses an aluminum frame for light weight and compatibility with most bikes. The battery weighs 2.7kg and powers up to 5.5 hours of cycling, while it can cover 1,600m of ascending in 2.5 hours on Boost mode. The battery contains 21,700 cells and retains 80 per cent of its capacity even after 500 cycles of charging. This is 60 percent more capacity than the 18,650-cell model.

While the Rise H30 is more expensive, the Orbea Rise M10 is a good option for cyclists who don’t want to spend more than they need to. It’s built with an aluminum frame that is lighter than other carbon bikes. The Rise H30 is a great option for commuters and roadies. Its range extender increases battery capacity to 612Wh. In addition, the Rise H30 range extender is compatible with the Rise H30.


The Orbea Rise H30 is the entry model in the Orbea Rise line of light weight full suspension electric trail bikes. Featuring the Shimano EP8-RS Rider Synergy mid-drive motor that’s custom tuned for efficiency, offering 60nm of peak torque and 250 watts nominal output. Available in four frame sizes, three color choices, and many hardware upgrade paths using MyO configuration ordering.

Fully integrated battery pack utilizes 21700 battery cells from Panasonic that offer high energy density, reduced weight, and more charge cycles. Optional range extender battery is shaped like a water bottle for easy mounting and use. Boost hub spacing with 15mm and 12mm thru-axles offer improved stiffness. Stock 29er wheels can switch or mix with 650b and plus sized tires. Dual piston 180mm hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano. 12-speed Shimano SLX drivetrain with wide 10-51 tooth cassette.

Marzocchi suspension fork and Fox rear suspension offer 140mm travel with compression and rebound adjust. 40mm dropper seat post, fast 4 amp battery charger, highly adjustable Shimano SC-E7000 display panel and smartphone app. Heavier than the M series carbon fiber frames, in part because the H series comes with a higher capacity battery pack (540wh vs. 360wh). Charging port is directly in the path of the left crank arm, the power button is low on the frame, the menu change button is on the Shimano display vs. the easy to reach button pad. Main battery is not easily removed which adds weight, can make charging more difficult, may limit travel and and subject the battery to varied temperatures.

0:00 Introduction, trim levels, colors, frame sizes
1:10 Battery specs: 36v 15ah 540wh with 21700 cells
1:49 Optional 250wh range extender shaped like a bottle
2:13 Battery charger weight and output, warranty info
2:41 Wheels and tires, boost hub spacing, thru-axles
3:25 Split pivot rear suspension, Fox and Marzocchi shocks
3:49 Drivetrain overview, 32T NW chainring, 12-speed SLX
4:23 160mm cranks, no pedals included, internal routing
4:44 Tapered steerer, handlebar, locking grips, shifters
5:26 Dropper seat post, 31.6mm post diameter, saddle
5:43 Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm, dual piston
6:01 Powering on, display panel overview, motor controller
7:09 Changing readouts on the display: tiny circle button
7:59 Shimano E-Tube smartphone app: updates, motor tuning
8:15 Display panel settings menu, motor profiles 1 vs. 2
9:11 Trade-offs: motor knock, power button, charge port
10:23 Ride shots: handheld, body cam, third person, frame
11:42 Conclusion, other good reviews, compare tool, forums

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