Pedego Avenue Review | Electric Commuter Bike (2023)

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The Pedego Avenue review covers all the important aspects of this e-bike, including motor performance, belt drive and gearing, battery range, braking, components, the warranty, handling and our overall experience test riding this e-bike nearly 200 miles.

Our in-depth article lists the advantages of owning and riding this e-bike, including data obtained through our careful testing and evaluation. We cover all the key areas of e-bike performance, such as average speeds in all of the pedal assistance modes, top speed, brake safety, hill climbing ability, handling and control, and using the various components while riding.

When you are done watching our video on the Pedego Avenue, you will have enough insight to help you make an informed decision before buying. We are confident that our review will answer many questions you have about this e-bike. You can also post your comments and questions at the bottom of the written review, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and watching, and please remember to always ride safe!

0:00 Pedego Avenue Review
1:07 Pedego Avenue Overview
2:08 Specs
9:11 Brake Test
10:25 Circuit Test
12:23 Battery / Range Test
14:19 Motor / Hill Test
15:49 Pedego Avenue Review Conclusion

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