Quietkat Apex Pro Review | Is It Still The Best Hunting E-Bike?

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The QuietKat Apex Pro is a premium all-terrain e-bike aimed at outdoor enthusiasts looking for an e-bike that can complement other activities, such as hunting, fishing or camping. This is one e-bike meant to reach places that might be difficult to get to otherwise.

Thanks to a 1000W mid-drive motor, the QuietKat Apex Pro is an unusually powerful e-bike. It’s equipped with a 140mm-travel suspension fork, 9-speed drivetrain and 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, making it capable of reaching places where more value-oriented e-bikes might struggle to go.

QuietKat understands the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and their accessory collection includes items aimed at hunters, anglers and campers. No matter what someone wants to do in the great outdoors, the QuietKat Apex Pro can get you out there and bring you back as well.

0:00 Quietkat Apex Pro Intro
00:37 Quietkat Apex Pro – Overview
04:17 Quietkat Apex Pro – Brake Test
05:06 Quietkat Apex Pro – Speed Test
11:03 Quietkat Apex Pro – Range Test
12:44 Quietkat Apex Pro – Hill Test
16:58 Quietkat Apex Pro – Ride Quality
22:21 Quietkat Apex Pro – Conclusion

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