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The QuietKat Lynx joins the growing category of e-mopeds. These are e-bikes that look, feel and handle much like mopeds and favor throttle use over the pedals. While some e-mopeds are a challenge to pedal at all, we found the QuietKat Lynx to be surprisingly efficient in our testing.

Thanks to a 1000W, two-speed, direct-drive hub motor, the QuietKat Lynx produces plenty of power for hill climbing and hitting speed, even when on unpaved surfaces. And while most e-mopeds we see feature 20-in. wheels, the Lynx is built around 24-in. wheels, which offer greater stability at speed.

Most of our crew here at Electric Bike report is reasonably tall and we found the bigger-than-usual frame of the QuietKat Lynx to be more comfortable both while pedaling and when throttling, thanks to an increased distance between the seat and the pedals. And unlike most e-mopeds we see, the Lynx comes with both front and rear suspension for a cushy ride.

With its 960Wh battery we saw reasonably good range, though we found the three PAS levels, Eco, Trail and Boost to be clustered together when ridden in Class 2 mode; they were spaced out better when ridden as a Class 3 e-moped.

Anyone interesting in the e-moped category will find the QuietKat Lynx to be an exciting option to consider.

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00:42 Quietkat Lynx Intro
00:42 Quietkat Lynx Overview
05:00 Quietkat Lynx – Brake Test
05:53 Quietkat Lynx – Speed Test
11:32 Quietkat Lynx – Range Test
13:06 Quietkat Lynx – Hill Test
17:48 Quietkat Lynx – Ride Quality
22:54 Quietkat Lynx – Conclusion

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