QuietKat Villager Review | Electric Fat Tire / Commuter Bike (2022)

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In our review of the QuietKat Villager, we look at how this is a commuter with a little extra, capable of going places we wouldn’t take the typical commuter. We look at its range, climbing ability, drivetrain and more to give readers a sense of how capable this e-bike is.

Of all the QuietKat e-bikes we’ve reviewed this one is possibly the most different compared to it’s stable-mates. QuietKat is typically best known for off-road bikes that have deep ties to hunters and sportsmen. The QuietKat Villager represents the brands attempt to satiate the city and commuting crowd with a bike that’s more urban-oriented with it’s road-based tires, 500W motor, and easily-accessible step-thru design.

As we always do when testing out e-bikes, we put the QuietKat Villager out on a series of tests to better let you know about the braking, climbing, and speed capabilities of this bike.

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0:00 QuietKat Villager Review
0:57 QuietKat Villager Overview
2:18 Brake Test
3:34 Battery / Range Test
4:50 Circuit Test
6:29 Cockpit & Handling
10:13 Motor / Hill Test
11:35 QuietKat Villager Conclusion

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