Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus Review – $2k

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrover-6-plus/ The Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus is a proven fat tire electric bike with frame, brake, and battery upgrades for its 6th generation. The high-step version is slightly larger and stiffer than the step-thru, but only comes in a black color scheme. Wide 4″ tires provide stability, traction, and float for navigating soft terrain like gravel, sand, and snow. Shorter stem, mid-rise handlebar, ergonomic grips, and adjustable suspension fork delivery comfort. Network of mobile service vans and multiple storefronts in the US, Canada, and Europe make trying, buying, and maintaining the ebike easy. Redesigned wire routing, especially the motor power cable, and a new removable downtube cover improve reliability and repairability. Great attention to detail and safety with puncture resistant reflective tires, motor inhibiting brakes, two display panels with more precise battery level indicators, and a brake activated rear light. New hydraulic disc brakes require less hand effort, offer fit adjustability, and perform more consistently over time. Multiple rack attachment points and a wide range of quality accessories, that are cross compatible with other Rad models, set this ebike apart. Wide 11-34 tooth gearing makes starting and climbing easy; durable chainring guide reduces chain drops and bottom bracket damage while keeping your clothing clean. Custom 750 watt geared hub motor offers 15% more torque than prior generation. Redesigned motor controller is now internally mounted for durability and improved aesthetic. The bike costs 17% more and weighs 4.8lbs more. Shorter suspension travel than before, but frame geometry is improved.

0:00 Introduction, weight comparisons, colors
2:37 Optional rack accessories: front and rear
3:41 Price increase and upgrades $1,999 USD
4:13 Rad Mobile Service and storefronts
4:54 Suspension fork, tire, and wheel details
5:29 Motor, cadence sensor, wiring, drivetrain
8:37 Kickstand, optional USB dongle adapters
10:07 Battery details, charging, mounting, care
13:07 Hydraulic disc brake details, 180mm rotors
14:30 Handlebar cockpit area, grips, bell, shifter
15:31 Display panel operation, brake light demo
19:25 Display settings, walk mode, brightness
22:17 Ride test begins, first person view
23:59 Drivetrain shots, motor operation closeup
25:28 Body camera ride shots, woodsy area
26:38 More fun ride shots around Ballard, WA
29:31 Conclusion and site resources

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