Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2 Review – $1.5k

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrunner-2/ The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2 is a flexible, approachable, and affordable electric utility bike. Capable of handling up to 300lbs, including a child seat or passenger on the rear rack! Custom sized 20″ x 3.3″ tires provide stability, comfort, off-road traction, and safety with reflective stripes and puncture protection. Only one frame size, but the extra long 390mm seat post and adjustable handlebar provide lots of fit options. Available in two colors, internal cable routing looks clean and reduces snags, motor power cable is very well protected, all supporting hardware is black. Two bottle cage bosses double as a console box mount! Tons great accessories including fenders, racks, bags, child seat, passenger kit etc. Refined frame geometry improves stability. Upgraded saddle is thicker for more comfort. Fairly affordable considering the high-powered motor, high-capacity 672 watt hour battery pack, and great customer support. Improved battery charger is silent, compact, lightweight, and better shielded than previous generations. Capable mechanical disc brakes use large 180mm rotors for excellent stopping power and cooling. High-resolution cadence sensor is responsive, twist throttle can be turned off with a switch. Mechanical disc brakes require additional hand effort, aren’t as adjustable, and set-in over time compared to hydraulic. The bike weighs a lot because it’s reinforced to be stiff and handle a passenger or heavy load. Basic display offers limited readouts, no USB charging, and is fairly bright. Only available in one frame size, single-speed drivetrain limits cadence options.

0:00 Introduction and Rad Mobile Services drop-off
1:31 Differences between 1st and 2nd generation RadRunner
2:43 Custom sized 20″ x 3.3″ tire details
3:24 Max weight, passenger kit, child seat, front racks
4:21 Optional colored pedals and grips, passenger handle
4:48 Twist throttle, motor details, and top speed
5:36 Hubs, spokes, rims, fork total bike weight 64.6lbs
6:05 Tire pressure rating, hub spacing, quick release front
6:51 Torque arm on rear axle, more motor details
7:24 Improved power cable placement and protection
7:55 Drivetrain details: 16T rear sprocket, 52T chainring
8:54 Double leg kickstand, chain can bounce, passenger pegs
9:19 Chain, chainring guide, cadence sensor, controller guard
10:42 Cable wraps, internal routing, gussets reinforcements
11:20 Highly adjustable seat height and handlebar angle
12:15 Unique saddle design limited adjustability, two colors
13:24 Seat clamp battery position, removing battery pack
14:26 Battery pack details 48 volt 14 amp hours 672 watt hours
15:22 Welcome package with manual, battery charger, tool kit
17:19 Mechanical disc brake details, bell, cable connectors
20:12 Walk mode activation, lights: blinking, brake light
22:11 Bottle cage mounts, console box option, USB port option
23:21 Reflective tires, ride test begins with throttle
25:17 Ride test continues with pedal assist
26:41 Rider stats, third person riding, conclusion summary

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