Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review – $1.9k

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrunner-plus/ The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus is the fully accessorized version of the RadRunner electric bike. This is a compact utility ebike with unique 20″ x 3.3″ fat tires and adjustable suspension fork (compression, lockout, rebound). Comes stock with extended seat and flip-down pegs for a passenger, as well as extra wide fenders and an upgraded 500 lumen headlight. Also compatible with the standard racks, bags, and Yepp! child seat. Integrated lights, including a blinking rear light that goes bright when the brakes are pulled, reflective tires, and metallic silver frame improve safety by keeping you visible. Seven speed drivetrain makes starting, climbing, and pedaling at higher speeds much more comfortable. Nice aluminum alloy chainring guide keeps clothing clean and snag-free while reducing chain drops, steel derailleur guard protects the sensitive parts during shipping and when passengers are riding. Large 180mm disc brake rotors provide excellent stopping power and control, both brake levers have switches that cut power to the motor. This ebike is available in the US, Canada, and Europe with RAD optimized 750, 500, and 250 watt 5 to 1 planetary geared hub motors (meeting the upper legal limit in each country). Strong 80nm peak torque and good mechanical advantage given the smaller wheel diameter makes this a decent climber and passenger hauler. The twist throttle offers full power, overriding 0-5 assist for instant starts and quick boosts when climbing or catching up to friends. Upgraded aluminum alloy pedals feel sturdy and smooth. Extra long seat post and adjustable high-rise handlebar offers great fit for many body types. Suspension corrected geometry isn’t just a copy of the basic RadRunner. Upgraded LCD display panel with USB charging port. The included saddle is not adjustable forward and back or tipping because it’s designed to fit perfectly with the passenger seat. Optional console box does not lock. The bike is very heavy at 74.4lbs despite the small appearance.

0:00 Introduction
2:06 Tire details
2:50 Suspension fork
5:52 Motor controller
6:34 Frame geometry
7:52 Grips and saddle
9:32 Passenger seat and pegs
11:12 Drivetrain details
13:52 Throttle vs. Twist Power Assist
14:45 Motor details
15:22 Third person and passenger shots
16:50 Fender details
18:16 Brake details
19:49 Lights discussion
21:16 Battery details and removal
22:07 Weight (74.4lbs total, 7.7lb battery, 8.7lb motor)
23:49 Battery charger
25:56 Display panel overview
29:52 Display settings menu
32:41 Ride test begins
37:41 Ride test frame shots
39:13 Third person ride shots

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