Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Review, 2024 ($1,999) | What a Nice Upgrade from Rad!

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When it comes to Class 3 commuters, many suffer from one of a couple of drawbacks that keep them from fulfilling that speedy commuter role. Some aren’t stable enough at speed, so people slow down until they feel more confident, while some simply don’t have a gear big enough to allow the rider to pedal at 28 mph. Others say they deliver Class 3 speed but don’t have the power to reach 28 mph. The Rad Power Bikes Radster Road nips all of those issues with this excellent design.

Thanks to a 750W brushless, geared hub motor, 29-in. wheels and a 50x11t top gear, the Rad Power Bikes Radster Road can accelerate up to 28 mph with ease and once there hold that pace. Those 29-in. wheels make for a stable, confidence-inspiring ride. The trick to feeling comfortable at speed is for the e-bike to remain calm. It should be maneuverable, but shouldn’t feel twitchy and larger wheels offer a more stable rider because they generate more gyroscopic effect. I loved the handling on this e-bike.

With commuter e-bikes we often see the greatest value near the $1500 price point, but the Rad Power Bikes Radster Road squeaks in just under $2000 and every dollar is well-earned. From the 750W hub motor to the 720Wh Safe Shield battery, to the 8-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, this is a well-designed commuter.

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