Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Review | Rad’s Fastest Hill Climb Yet?

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The Radster Road blends elements of the RadCity 5 with big upgrades! We examine its features and performance in this Rad Power Bikes Radster Road review!

As the first of Rad’s bikes to incorporate a torque sensor, the Radster Road felt incredibly natural and responsive. It’s also one of the brand’s more powerful e-bikes, with a torquey 750W rear-hub with 100 Nm of hill-climbing power.

Rad also raised the bar with the Radster’s safety features. The bike includes a “potted” fire-resistant battery, full UL certification, and even turn signals to give riders peace of mind.

Even with upgrades, the Radster Road doesn’t stray too far from its roots; as a Rad Power Bike, it features a safe and reserved feel with an intuitive interface and a focus on easy operation.

Watch our Rad Power Bikes Radster Road review for the scoop on this cool commuter.

00:00 – Radster Road Overview
00:43 – Radster Road Overview
04:59 – Radster Road Brake Test
06:05 – Radster Road Speed Test
13:53 – Radster Road Range Test
16:01 – Radster Road Hill Test
20:38 – Radster Road Ride Quality
24:17 – Radster Road Conclusion

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