Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail Review, 2024 | ($1,999) New Fat Tire E-Bike

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I’m blown away with the new Radster Trail from Rad Power Bikes. This is an exciting new model that is as versatile as it is powerful. From the frame to the motor to the wheel and tire choice, this is terrific new model from one of the most popular makers of e-bikes.

The Radster Trail rolls on 27.5 x 3-in. tires, what they call a mid-fat. I like the 3-in. width because it handles better than 4-in.-wide tires. Sure, it loses some cushion, but the narrower tire improves the maneuverability, whether on-road or off of it. While this isn’t an eMTB, it does have the ability to take in dirt roads and some natural surface trails. I ran the tires at less than 20 psi and that combined with the 80mm-travel fork gave me a very comfortable ride any time I wasn’t on asphalt.

According to Rad Power Bikes, this new motor still delivers a maximum of 750W, like other Rad Power Bikes motors, but they increased the torque in the motor by 54 percent to produce 100Nm of torque. What that means is that this thing really moves uphill. The narrower tire is substantially lighter than the 4-in. rubber we see on all-terrain models, and that almost certainly helps the Radster Trail’s acceleration.

This is a true Class 3 e-bike, able to achieve 28 mph and it has both the power and the gearing necessary to reach that speed. Here’s another reason to like the 27.5 x 3-in. tires: This e-bike handles really well at speed.

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