Rear Rack for Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, Topeak TetraRack Review

I saw the Topeak TetraRack M1 and M2 in a local ebike shop and though it was pretty neat. I’m a fan of the Topeak trunk bags, and decided to purchase their top of the line MTX DXP with the fold down panniers. The rack weighs 2.3lbs and the bag weighs 2.7lbs but is easily removable. What I love about this setup is that the rear rack supports up to 12kg (26lbs) and it actually worked fully loaded during my tests! Most other racks for mountain bikes attach to the seat post, and can get bumped side to side easily. This one is secure, won’t get in the way of a dropper seat post, and works with suspension seat posts as well. It’s not cheap at $120 USD for the rack and $110 USD for the bag, but these are well made items. The bag even has reflective strips of fabric and a bottle holster at the back. For more details on these accessories and some stock images, check out the forum post I created at

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Comparison of backpack vs. bike rack
0:40 Thule Tour Rack vs. Topeak TetraRack
1:19 Topeak TetraRack M2 vs. M1 and R1 vs R2
1:43 Considerations: price, non-locking, unsprung weight
2:15 Topeak MTX BeamRack comparison and drawbacks
3:14 Compatibility with 26″ to 29″ wheels
3:43 Comparison to bolt-on Topeak Super Tourist rack
4:07 Topeak MTX TrunkBag DPX: reflective, bottle holder, panniers
5:08 Frame compatibility details, installation steps
7:45 Positioning the top platform, testing dropper post
9:02 My thoughts on design and optimal positioning
9:44 Weight of the rack (2.3lb), and bag (2.7lb)
10:28 Max weight labels, not compatible with child seats
10:57 General thoughts after a week of riding
12:01 Fully loaded trunk bag, mounting and riding
13:34 Going off a curb with 26lbs in the trunk bag, hard turns
14:14 Tips for parking and laying the bike down
15:05 Third person shots, going off curb with 26lbs slow motion
15:50 Reducing weight to 10lbs, unfurling side pannier bags!
17:22 Discussing rack flex and bouncing, tips on weight distribution
17:44 Tips for jackets on top (clip so they don’t blow off)
18:19 Third person shots, riding with the rack but no bag
18:37 More insights, impact of rack on seat stay width
19:17 Concluding thoughts, is it worth it vs. backpack?

Giant Mountain Bikes

To be straightforward, I’ve not stumble upon another kind of a bike that is sturdy enough for rough, hostile and dangerous surface than a mountain bike. When it involves its design, this bike is fantastic and also in truth created with roughness in mind.

Mongoose Mountain Bikes

Hill biking is expanding both as a pastime and a sport. The thrill as well as adventure behind this sporting activity is so addictive that you constantly wish to return.

Mountain Bike Suspension – The Information That You Need to Know If You Are Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a fun yet tough activity which is probably the perfect means to stay fit as well as active. There are numerous points that need to take into consideration before getting a hill bike and establishing out on a trail. It is necessary that you get on your own the most effective frame as well as bear in mind the various other necessary factors that shall aid you on your ride like right suspension. Proper mtb suspension is a need for optimal control while riding.

Mountain Bike Frame – What Other People Are Not Telling You About These Bicycle Supplies

The reasons for being right into mountain biking can be numerous; it might be interest for cycling, a pastime or maybe it is your favorite form of workout. Cycling is a terrific way to exercise your lungs as well as attach with nature at the same time. It is the excellent means to obtain your adrenaline pumping to obtain you invigorated which can help you manage your energetic lifestyle and also hectic schedules. Now it is fairly impossible to occupy hill biking without getting the flawlessly suited mountain bike.

Mountain Bike Shoes – What You Should Know Before Buying Them to Avoid Any Careless Mistakes

A Mountain biking expedition is fairly insufficient without equipping yourself with all the essential accessories that give you the ideal possible hill biking experience. One crucial thing that you need to do is, acquire the ideal kind of shoes that will allow much better efficiency. Mountain bicycle footwear are specialized footwear that are made especially for mountain biking. It must be apt for the surface you plan to cover and provide essential functions to match your individualized needs.

Mountain Bike – What You Should Know to Avoid Any Careless Mistakes When Buying Them the First Time

In order to acquire a bicycle it is extremely important to determine exactly how you would be utilizing it. In situation you like hill cycling after that it is vital to get the right type of mountain bicycle on your own. Mountain biking involves riding your bike with harsh terrains and also dangerous slopes. As a result, it is essential to locate a bike that is solid enough to endure the anxieties and strains of hill biking.

Downhill Mountain Bike – What You Should Know to Avoid Any Careless Mistakes When Buying Them

Downhill mountain cycling is an extreme journey sport that goes just one method and that’s down! From the top of the hill to the base at break neck rates while riding over rugged terrain right, staying clear of rocks, pits and also trees! This means that you can not manage to take such dangers unless you have the best devices to back up your undertaking.

Best Mountain Bike – What You Should Know Before Buying a New Set to Avoid Any Careless Mistakes

As most of us know hill biking is an incredibly popular journey sporting activity. A mountain bike is for those who like to live life beyond the limits of concrete forests. Hill bikes are also a wonderful means to commute; they are normally created to be able to lose so you can eliminate chances of breakdown, they give a wonderful cardio exercise and also not to forget, they are a no exhaust type of transport and besides, riding a bike beats taking the bus or being embeded traffic hands down!

Go Back to School – Mountain Bike School

The thrill of the forest speeding past at thirty miles per hour. The rush of making hair-raising reverse stones. The pleasure of making it to the top of what seemed like an impossible height. Mountain bicycle school will have you up and also running in no time in any way.

Mountain Bike Accessories

I enjoy to mountain bike and found out initial hand the relevance of bringing the appropriate things with you before you hit the road. Obtaining captured in the rain without a coat in the middle of no place is no enjoyable. Obtaining dried due to the fact that you didn’t bring adequate water stinks as well. I’m hoping to offer a bit of insight right into the significance of what’s a good concept to bring with you and what you can do without.

Ride Your Best Every Ride! How to Warm Up and Get Into the Groove For Your Mountain Bike Ride

Have more enjoyable on the path and ride at your finest. Use less energy while riding faster, further and with more control. Obtain concentrated and also enjoy your flight from the begin. Producing a pre-ride regular to start every ride focused and riding at your finest.

South Africa’s Freedom Trail – The Soul of Mountain Biking

The Liberty Trail is a 2200-kilometre mountain biking path from Durban to Capetown. It traverses incredible terrain, national forests, rangeland, and culturally rich backcountry. It can be ridden alone or as a group. You can ride a section of the route, or ride the entire trail.

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