Retrospec Chatham Rev + Step Through Review | Simple, Classic Fun!

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In this Retrospec Chatham Rev+ ST review, we discuss this e-bike’s specs, components, ride feel, and real-world performance. If you like retro-styled cruisers, this is a bike you will not want to miss!

The bike’s design caught our eyes right away – with a classic two-tone color scheme, the bike looks straight out of decades past. But in contrast with many of the other cruisers out there, the Chatham Rev+ ST’s down tube hosts a fully-integrated battery for a more contemporary design.

Its comfort factor is huge too – the wide saddle, comfortable grips, and curved handlebars make the bike’s natural riding position feel that much better. But that’s not all; the bike’s tires act as a cushion to soften bumps and make the ride smoother.
We were impressed with everything the bike had to offer, especially when considering its price! Starting around $1,300, the Chatham Rev+ certainly looks like it should cost more.

But how does the bike actually perform? Check out our Retrospec Chatham Rev+ ST review video for all the details.

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0:00 Retrospec Chatham Rev Plus Review
0:37 Overview
4:33 Brake Test
6:04 Speed Test
11:02 Range Test
12:24 Hill Test
16:39 Ride Quality
20:54 Retrospec Chatham Rev Plus Conclusion

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