Ride1UP 700 Series VS Ride1UP Prodigy V1

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Two of the best value options amongst commuter e-bikes just so happen to come from the same brand. The Ride1UP 700 is one of the most popular hub motor commuters and is known for blazing fast speeds. The Ride1UP Prodigy V1 is one of the most affordable mid-drives you’ll find while featuring a premium name with it’s Brose mid-drive motor. So which is better?

In our Ride1UP 700 Series vs the Ride1UP Prodigy V1 comparison we break down each bikes’ respective specs and show our data we collected in terms of their speed, braking capabilities, hill climbing ability, and battery life to help you see for yourself which bike will be best for your situation.

0:00 Ride1UP 700 VS Ride1UP Prodigy
0:43 Overview
4:04 Testing
12:29 Head-To-Head
20:20 Conclusion

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