Ride1UP 700 Series vs Ride1UP Turris | Which is Right For You?

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In our latest head-to-head we lineup the Ride1UP 700 Series against the Turris!

Both bikes are great examples of riding on a budget, but getting a quality ride. The Turris, with it’s touring-styling, is sure to wow with the exploring potential and versatility offered by the bike’s motor and knobby tires.

The 700 is sure to impress with it’s blazing fast speed, ready-to-go commuter features, and multiple frame and color options to choose from for finding your best fit.

See the full comparison in our latest versus series with the Ride1up Turris and 700 Series!

0:00 Ride1UP 700 VS Ride1UP Turris
0:39 Overview
6:40 Testing
26:32 Head-To-Head
36:13 Conclusion

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