Ride1UP Cafe Cruiser Review | Electric Cruiser Bike (2022)

A cruiser bike that doesn’t look like the stereotypical beach cruiser, the Ride1UP Cafe Cruiser sports a motorcycle-inspired design built around a quick 750W Class 3 motor.

Made by a company that prides itself on building ultra-affordable e-bikes priced several hundred dollars less than the competition, the Cafe Cruiser boasts a component package that rivals the competition. It handles nicely, is extremely quick on flat ground and is exceedingly comfortable.

We like this bike for its balance of affordability and performance, but its looks are what really puts it over the top for us. You’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a motorcycle.

To learn more about how this bike holds up make sure to watch through our full Ride1UP Cafe Cruiser review and let us know your thoughts on this bike in the comments below!

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0:00 Ride1UP Cafe Cruiser Review
0:44 Ride1UP Cafe Cruiser Overview
2:26 Brake Test
3:44 Battery / Range Test
5:14 Circuit Test
7:02 Cockpit & Handling
8:31 Motor / Hill Test
13:07 Ride1UP Cafe Cruiser Conclusion

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