Ride1UP CF Racer1 Review | The Best Budget Gravel E-Bike of 2024 ($2,295 Carbon Fiber)

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The CF Racer 1 is Ride1UP’s first carbon fiber e-bike, which is available in both a road and a gravel configuration. We tested its real world performance to give you the scoop in this Ride1UP CF Racer 1 review.

With a carbon fiber frame and fork, the CF Racer is extremely light at just 29 lbs. This made it feel agile, easily maneuverable, and ultimately more efficient when riding off-road.

Carbon fiber e-bikes are often priced significantly higher than the CF Racer 1’s price point between $2000 and $2500. Ride1UP’s trademark is quality and performance with an affordable price, and there weren’t any obvious areas where sacrifices were made with this bike!

The CF Racer is a cyclist’s e-bike, meaning that its 250W motor is relatively subtle in its output, and it feels like an analog bike. At high-assist levels, it can do much of the heavy lifting, but you’ll never be completely overpowered.

See our Ride1UP CF Racer 1 review for more!

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0:00 Intro
00:48 Ride1UP CF Racer1 – Overview
05:34 Ride1UP CF Racer1 – Brake Test
07:03 Ride1UP CF Racer1 – Speed Test
14:17 Ride1UP CF Racer1 – Range Test
16:33 Ride1UP CF Racer1 – Hill Test
20:16 Ride1UP CF Racer1 – Ride Quality
24:44 Ride1UP CF Racer1 – Conclusion

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