Ride1UP Portola Review 2023 | Awesome E-bike for $1000???

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Are you a fan of folding electric e-bikes? A lot of features for not a lot of cost? Well don’t skip this video then! In our review of the Ride1UP Portola, we tested out this brand new model that comes equipped with all the features you hope to find on a folder (sometimes, even more than we’d expect) while coming in at one of the best prices anywhere.

The Portola is making it’s debut at the hard-to-do-right price of $995 MSRP. That’s a big deal as there are only a handful of companies that hit that mark while making an e-bike that doesn’t skimp on something somewhere.

Many e-bikes will spec small motors, cut back on accessories, or – to be honest – just don’t look too desirable / safe. But Ride1UP isn’t a random no-name brand. They’ve been making waves in the e-bike industry for years and the Portola holds the potential to be their biggest splash yet as their most affordable e-bike to date.

The Portola comes with a slew of great components both electrical and otherwise. It has a 750W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension fork with 80mm of travel, and includes a frame-welded rack that can carry up to 125 lbs! (you know, like a smaller human).

Now it’s not a flawless bike, the next one of those we test will be the first, but it still impressed as it more than held it’s own in our standard battery of tests.

Watch the full Ride1UP Portola review to see all the testing, specs, and for our thoughts on how it rides.

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