Ride1UP Prodigy Review | XC Model With Brose Mid-Drive Motor!

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The Ride 1Up Prodigy review covers all the important details you need to know about this e-bike before deciding to buy it. We tested the Prodigy’s battery range using the minimum and maximum PAS setting to verify how far the battery will take you on this e-bike.

Evaluating the Ride 1Up Prodigy motor’s engagement with the pedaling, we rode it up to 6 miles on our circuit course. The test data tells us how well the torque sensor manages power distribution, as it relates to difficulty pedaling and road conditions.

We also tested the Prodigy’s climbing ability on a very steep hill that runs ⅓ of a mile and has an average incline of 12 percent. The test shows us how well the mid-drive motor works in powering the up hills, using throttle only (no pedaling), and using the highest pedal assistance level with a minimal amount of pedaling. The hill climb test is a real test on how well this e-bike performs under extreme conditions.

Our brake test shows how well the Prodigy can come to a full stop. Our evaluation of the bike’s stopping power takes into account the type of brake system, size of the wheels, rotors and frame, and the weight of the e-bike. Our test ride data also allows us to rate this e-bike on handling, comfort and control. Our testers make mechanical observations that really add to the quality of our in-depth reports. This, in turn, gives you a clear picture on its performance, quality and overall value.

If you are serious about buying a folding e-bike, then you will get valuable information from our report, and help you better understand the Ride 1Up Prodigy’s best features, as well as the features that might change your mind. All in all, you will feel better informed about e-bikes in general after reading this article.

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0:00 Ride1UP Prodigy Review
1:08 Ride1UP Prodigy Overview
1:48 Specs
3:51 Brake Test
4:42 Circuit Test
6:08 Battery/Range Test
7:29 Motor/Hill Test
8:40 Ride1UP Prodigy Conclusion

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