Ride1UP Prodigy ST Review | A Premium Motor At A Stellar Price

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This mid-drive e-bike is a cut above for an e-bike priced where it is. In our Ride1UP Prodigy ST review we will look at each of the features that make it such a terrific value.

Ride1UP begins with a 250W Brose mid-drive motor that produces a potent 90Nm of torque. It is powered by a 504Wh Samsung battery that gives it notably more range than the company’s own estimates. Thanks to its torque sensor, the acceleration is immediate and responsive.

The components package is similarly upscale thanks to the selection of a 9-speed Microshift drivetrain and 4-piston Tektro Orion hydraulic disc brakes.

This is a ready-to-go commuter e-bike that comes equipped with front and rear lights, fenders, a rear rack and kickstand. Plus it comes in the step-thru version here and a larger version with a traditional frame.

Plenty of spec to like, and a pretty good price when you consider the motor, but how does it perform? Catch the full Proidyg ST review to find out.

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