Ride1UP Prodigy V2 LX Review | New Tech Helps The Ride Reach Full Potential

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The Ride1UP Prodigy V2 LX is a trekking/commuter e-bike that shows an amazing value proposition. Equipped with a Brose mid-drive motor, Enviolo continuously variable transmission, air-spring fork, Tektro 4-piston disc brakes and a full package of accessories, it is a commuter’s dream.

Thanks to a 504Wh battery, this e-bike is a long range champ and would be terrific for anyone wanting to do touring by e-bike. And with a drivetrain that will always have the perfect gear, hills won’t be intimidating.

This Class 3 e-bike comes with everything a commuter needs, except for panniers.

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10:56 Range Test
12:19 Hill Test
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