Ride1Up Prodigy XR Review – $2.3k

The Ride1Up Prodigy XR is a feature complete commuter-ready speed pedelec that can hit 28mph 45 km/h. It uses a premium mid-drive motor from Brose, and reliable Samsung battery cells. Relatively low price point for proven name-brand components including the 9-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain. A physical shift sensor cuts power anytime you change gears, significantly reducing chain and sprocket wear. Powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with larger 180mm rotors and adjustable reach levers provide secure stops. The tires offer puncture protection, the lights are bright and shine form the sides as well as the front. Good weight distribution, matching black hardware, comfortable locking grips, the saddle clamp uses two bolts for added strength, the adjustable kickstand is positioned perfectly. Deep but intuitive color display, powerful and smooth Brose TF Sprinter ALU motor with high 90nm torque output. The bike only comes in one size and one color, unless you pay a bit extra for the fancy metallic green. Ride1Up is mostly a direct online brand, so you’ll need to unbox and assemble (but it’s pretty easy with this model). There’s no suspension, which can feel a bit harsh at high speeds. The battery pack took more effort to mount and didn’t always stick. The display is fairly small and has no charging ports.

Full review with specs and comparison tool: https://electricbikereview.com/ride1up/2022-prodigy-xr/

0:00 Introduction, sizing and bike versions (XR, ST, XC)
1:43 Pricing details, company history, Brose speed motor
2:39 Kickstand, spindle characteristics, lock placement
3:04 Overall weight 56.3lbs with fenders, rack, and lights
3:20 Comfort considerations, tire details, suspension options
4:30 Suspensions possibility, grips, handlebar, tire specs
5:38 Hub spacing and axle setup, motor controller sensors
6:51 Physical shift detection, 90nm of torque on the motor
7:38 Chainring and drivetrain: Shimano Alivio 9-speed 11-34T
8:57 Good cable management, two bottle cage mounts, charger
9:57 Custom rear rack design and weight rating: 20kg 44lbs
10:51 Rear rack light, child seat options, hydraulic brakes
11:51 Front and rear lights demonstration, assembly steps
13:28 Battery unlock and removal, capacity is 36v 14ah
15:40 Mounting the battery pack, trigger shifters overview
17:09 Powering on, exploring the Brose Allround LCD display
19:49 Settings menu on the display: hold the circle button
21:42 Saddle comfort, ride test begins, 120+ RPM support
24:07 Drivetrain and motor closeups with on-frame camera
25:08 Third person ride-by and brake test, outro and end

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