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The Ride1UP Revv1 HT is a hard-tail e-moped going for less than $2000. It features a 1000W Bafang brushless, geared hub motor and a 780Wh lithium-ion battery for fun cruising around town. The box frame design allowed designers to go with a moped-style bench seat instead of a traditional bike saddle.

Riders can choose between Class 1, 2 or 3 operation as well as an off-road mode that lifts any restriction on the motor. In off-road mode the Ride1UP Revv1 HT can achieve traffic speeds, potentially going faster than 30 mph. It ships as a Class 2 e-bike so that it is compatible with local laws nearly everywhere.

On the throttle, the Ride1UP Revv1 displays remarkable acceleration and even in Class 2 operation, the different PAS levels will make a difference in how quickly this e-moped sprints up to 20 mph. For those who might want to ride it in Class 3 or off-road mode, they will be reassured with the 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes paired with large 203mm rotors for powerful braking in any conditions.

Ride1UP gave the Revv1 a solid collection of accessories, including a big headlight, a taillight, alloy fenders and a heavy-duty kickstand. Ride1UP offers an extensive array of accessories for the rider who wants to equip the Revv1 for commuting.

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