Ride1UP Revv 1 HT vs Super73 S2 | 2024 Comparision

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In our latest head-to-head we lineup the Ride1UP Revv 1 HT against the iconic Super73 S2!

Moped styled e-bikes were largely popularized by Super73, but they’ve seen a lot of competition since then. One of the most notable challengers to come out over the last year is the value-based competitor the Ride1UP Revv 1 HT.

While there is a lot of similarities in these two e-bikes they carry several differences as well. We compared the results from our testing of each bike and put them head-to-head in various categories where we chose our winner.

See the full comparison in our latest versus series with the Ride1up Revv 1 HT and Super73 S2!

0:00 Intro
0:39 Overview
6:59 Hill Test
17:31 Range Test
20:21 Speed Test
32:33 Brake Test
34:23 Head to Head
43:20 Conclusion

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