Ride1UP Turris Review 2023 | Highly Versatile & Affordable Touring Bike

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Our review of the Ride 1UP Turris details the core features and components of this commuter-style electric bike. Selling currently for $1300, this e-bike is a great overall package considering all the features you get for the price.

The Bafang 750-watt motor packs sizable power to help you accelerate, climb tough hills, and find the right cruising speed. The 12 amp-hour battery gives you enough energy to ride this bike 50 miles, using the minimum pedal assist level.

Stopping power is provided by a reliable set of Zoom hydraulic disc brakes – not mechanical brakes like comparable e-bikes in this price range. And, also unique to an e-bike at this price are the suspension forks that give you a smoother ride and better control.

The Rude 1 Up Turris is ergonomically designed to be a comfortable e-bike to ride, in an upright position, for adventure touring inside town and out. Ride 1 Up offers a 1-year warranty, a tech team to help you with any issues on your bike, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable cruising commuter-style e-bike, that’s below $1500, then the Ride 1 Up Turris offers great value for your money.

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