Saving a 5-Year Old Battery, Burnt Connector Swap

My book “DIY Lithium Batteries” on sale at
My book “Ultimate DIY eBike Guide” on sale at:

The gear I use to make my videos:
Camera – Nikon D5300:
Lens – Tamron 18mm – 270mm:
Thermal camera for iPhone/Android:
Drone for “follow me” filming:
Camera for invisible selfie stick shots:

Here are some of the products I use:
Bafang BBS01 kit:
Bafang BBS02 kit:
Bafang BBSHD kit:
250W complete e-bike kit:
500W complete e-bike kit:
1,000W complete e-bike kit:

36V 15Ah Hailong (shark) battery:
48V 15 Ah triangle battery:
52V 20 Ah triangle battery:
All ebike batteries:
All 18650 cells:

100W Flexible solar panel:
100W Folding solar panel:
Cycle Analyst:

The parts that I use for building batteries:
18650 cells:
18650 positive insulating washer:
Nickel strip:
Spot welder:
Silicone wire:
Black 18650 cell spacers:
Vruzend cell spacers:
Large heat shrink tubing:
Small heat shrink tubing:
Foam sheet for protecting battery:
Kapton tape:

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Keep Your Bike Safer With Bike U Lock

Several individuals like to ride their bikes around for exercise and also to save the environment by lowering pollution, yet one point that every person has to take into consideration is the high degree of theft. The top quality bikes that are created today have actually caused much more cases of theft than ever and if you intend to keep your bike secure you should keep it under lock and also secret as well as the most effective kind of bike lock is the Bike U Lock.

The Anatomy of a Mountain Bike

The Hill bike is a commercial artform, and also has really varied impacts from bikes and aeronautics to metallurgy and sculpture. There seems no restriction to the rate or kind of surface that hill bikers pursue, as well as each successive evolution is accomplished in one of the most part by breakthroughs in innovation. With time arising production abilities will bring lots of new style ideas within the monetary reach of the ordinary customer.

Taking Your Mountain Bike Off Road? Read This Guide to Stay Safe

The variable conditions and also threats of off-road mtb riding because of the weather, slope and also surface need attention and also details skills. Start slowly on simpler surface as well as develop your skills.

Rocking the Rok – Mountain Bike Riding in the Republic of Korea

A tiny country concerning the very same dimension as Michigan, South Korea is a very mountainous nation, in reality over 70% of the surface is hills. Mountain bicycle riding in South Korea is incredibly popular and also is growing.

Wrong Turn on to the Central Otago Rail Trail

After promising to hone up as well as boost our health and fitness, and also it wasn’t also New Year, my friend Val and I had actually hurried off and purchased nice shiny intense red Mountain Bikes from a passionate bike store owner in the little lake side town of Cromwell, in Central Otago, New Zealand. The proprietor driver was so caught up in our enjoyment and also long-term planning that he tossed in canteen, helmets as well as a free check up (on the bikes) in the next 4 weeks.

Mountain Biking Culture

Like any kind of actual culture or motion, mountain biking remains in a constant state of adjustment. The leaders had an independent spirit, who developed bikes first due to the fact that they roadway them. By the end of the 1980s a brand-new type of high-performance technical sportsman got on the surge, and also the original cyclists and also contractors faded right into the history.

Types of Mountain Bikes Available

You will locate 5 various sorts of mtb consisting of tough tail, downhill, free ride, path, cross nation as well as dirt jump. These all kinds are particularly created for dealing with different uphill struggles and also obstacles. These all types have their own benefits as well as disadvantages. When you go to choose a bike for you, you ought to keep all these things in mind and also it benefits you to recognize the way where you will certainly ride your bike. Hardtail bikes do not have back suspension now a days the majority of the bikes include bike suspension forks.

Mountain Bikes – How to Buy Them at Reasonable Prices!

Because of some bad events in the previous few years the whole globe is experiencing various sorts of situation as well as cost-effective dilemma remains in the top of the list. In this era everyone wishes to conserve money instead of wasting it by buying expensive and lavish things. If you are a large fan of riding bike than this post is going to be really handy for you to purchase great top quality and discounted bikes at economical rates. If you are looking a top quality bike for your journey at reasonable prices than few strategies provided below will certainly direct you finest to get top quality bikes within your spending plan limits.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

A complete suspension route bicycle is commonly described as a twin suspension off-road bike as it is furnished with shock absorbers for both wheels. This is in resistance to the hardtail hill bicycle that has a shock absorber only for the front wheel. Both type of mountain bicycle have their very own uses. The hardtail bike is far better to pedal and is quicker than the complete suspension bike on smooth terrain. Nevertheless the 2nd kind can run much faster on harsh terrain because the shock absorber enables more.

Mountain Bike Shoes – Comparing Shoe Types

Individuals who want to expedition into the sport of route cycling may locate it challenging to recognize where to start, re acquiring their initial route bicycles. They might additionally require some important hill cycling accessories, such as a durable set of mtb footwear, before they can begin riding.

Mountain Bike Wheels – Different Types

A mtb wheel is often made of a specially-designed wire talked system that permits for light-weight sturdiness, developed to provide ideal efficiency even under harsh terrains and many riding problems. These wheels are incorporated right into the mountain bike with failures which are held by the bike fork and also bike framework.

Mountain Bike Frames

A hill bike’s structure is the core component of the hill bike. It is linked to every one of the bike’s components, such as the seating, shock absorber, forks, handlebars, brakes, as well as tires. The structure can be found in varied dimensions as well as kinds, which usually affect its total efficiency, in addition to the kind of riding it best supports.

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