See How Custom E-Bikes Are Made! – The Electric Bike Company Factory Tour

To customize your very own electric beach cruiser, click the link below:

If you’re not familiar with Electric Bike Company, they are famous for their award-winning, beautiful bikes. They put the power in the customer’s hands to pick the color of the frame, basket, wheels, and more with thousands of possible combinations. You can even get a custom-painted helmet to go with the bike.

And while the effect of their paint jobs is stunning, they offer so much more customization too. Electric Bike Company wants to go the extra mile by providing customers the ability to choose just the componentry of the drivetrain, battery pack, brakes, handlebars, tires and more. There’s very little you can’t customize!

But what does it take to offer this to customers? It takes assembly in the USA with a team of professionals capable of building unique electric beach cruisers.

Watch the video as Electric Bike Report was able to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Electric Bike Company’s California-based operation to see how they put together such stunning e-bikes.

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