Smart LED Bicycle Pedals, Arclight Review – $140

Hi guys, I tested out the Redshift Sports Arclight Pedals that have rechargeable light bars inside… and they’re pretty cool. You probably know that I’m always trying to be safe, and calling out the premium integrated lights that many electric bikes come with, so I was excited to see this novel approach that can be used on almost any bicycle and ebike.

Sometimes it’s difficult to mount lights to a bike, and they can be prone to theft or easily get bumped out of position. They also tend to be more stationary and only visible from front and rear vs. multiple angles. The Arclight Pedals address many of these issues… but they aren’t perfect. I’ve listed out all of my pros and cons back at the EBR forums.

Full review in the EBR forums:

0:00 Introduction, showing solid and blinking modes
0:33 Optional mounting kit, included charger, run times
1:21 Heavier than most regular pedals, no gaps for mud and snow
1:50 Low on frame, could be blocked by shoes, good side visibility
2:05 The movement of the lights increases overall safety
2:36 Water test, I removed the light and submerged it
3:25 Conclusion, other bike products from Redshift Sports

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