Specialized Globe Haul ST Review | One of the Best Performers We’ve Tested

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Our review showed how the Globe Haul ST is one heck of a debut for Specialized’s first ever utility e-bike.

Specialized has equipped this bike with an impressive array of specs: from the 700W motor, to the 772Wh battery and the 4-piston brakes, this bike offers pretty solid value.

But the most impressive part of the bike was in performance. Across all of our standard tests the Globe Haul ST performed well, even securing a top spot on one of our four tests.

The bike is also easily outfitted with different accessories making it useful enough to envision leaving the car at home, and making grocery runs on two wheels instead.

Check out the comprehensive Globe Haul ST review and let us know what questions you have about the bike in the comments section below!

0:00 Specialized Globe Haul ST Review
0:44 Overview
6:37 Brake Test
8:05 Speed Test
12:00 Range Test
13:22 Hill Test
16:47 Ride Quality
20:15 Specialized Globe Haul ST Conclusion

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