Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 IGH Review – $2.8k

The Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 IGH is a refined cruiser electric bike that’s lighter than most. Incredibly approachable wave step-thru frame. It’s more active and sporty with narrow handlebar and suspension fork. Smooth responsive Brose motor is custom tuned by Specialized. Available in three frame sizes, four colors, and several trim levels. The IGH stands for internally geared hub, and relates to the enviolo continuously variable transmission on this particular version. Emphasis on safety with bright integrated lights, reflective decals, and reflective tires that are puncture resistant. The headlight is positioned very well, and the rear light wraps around the sides to expand your visual footprint. Included fenders are some of the best I have ever seen with sturdy build, excellent coverage, and water routing design. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable-reach levers. Gates Carbon Belt Drive is cleaner, quieter, and more durable than a traditional chain. All electronic parts are IPX6 rated against water and dust. The integrated battery pack looks beautiful, positions weight perfectly, but can be a little finicky to remove. Integrated USB-C port on the display panel supports the excellent Mission Control smartphone app, which allows trip planning and heart rate monitoring. Pointy kickstand can sink into soft terrain. The long front fender may scrape on curbs and some tray style bike racks. The enviolo drivetrain is heavier and less efficient than a traditional cassette, adding some friction. Handlebar and stem are not easily adjusted or changed because they are so custom. Smartphone app required to dim display, turn off beeps, and activate the full warranty.

0:00 Introduction, trim levels, colors and sizes, SL model
1:12 Enviolo CVT pros and cons, Gates Carbon Belt Drive
2:01 Traditional drivetrain option, frame, grips, saddle
3:00 Shared battery and motor design for Vado and Tero
5:18 Good commuter platform: fenders, lights, rear rack
7:03 Sturdy axles, tire details, reflectivity and safety
8:24 Activating and showing the lights, bell, stem and handlebar
9:49 Rigid seat post, hydraulic disc brakes, cranks, pedals
11:33 Slap guard, custom chain cover, bottle cage mount
12:08 IPX6 water resistant rated, keys and battery removal
13:46 Magnetic charging port and battery charger details
15:07 Powering on the display, USB-C, optional smartphone app
16:34 Button pad and display menu walkthrough, settings menu
19:25 Ride test with frame camera, third person, body camera
21:45 Conclusion, ebike compare tool, ebike forums, thanks!

Full review with specs and comparison tool: https://electricbikereview.com/specialized/2022-turbo-como-3-0-igh/

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