Specialized Turbo Como SL Review – $4k to $4.8k

https://electricbikereview.com/specialized/turbo-como-sl-5-0/ The Specialized Turbo Como SL 5.0 is one of the sportiest cruisers I’ve ever reviewed. Relatively light weight at 47.2lbs including integrated lights, a pannier-only rear rack, and custom designed tubular alloy fenders with extra long rubberized flaps to keep your feet dry. Class 3 speed-pedelec performance offers 28mph (45km/h), which is very unique for a cruiser! Available in three frame sizes and three colors. Boost hub spacing on the front wheel provides sturdier spoke bracing angle, 12mm thru-axles provide stiffness and control at speed, the mixte mid-step frame is approachable but stiff and sturdy to handle speed and cargo, excellent weight distribution (low, centered, balanced front to rear). Decent hydraulic disc brakes from TRP and Tektro with 160mm rotors. Super clean and quiet Gates Carbon belt drive with 8-speed internally geared Shimano Nexus hub. Internal battery offers modest capacity but weighs under 4lbs and provides impressive range. Additional Range Extender bottle-shaped batteries are easy to use, quiet, and beautiful… but increase the cost of the bike. This is a sportier cruiser with shorter handlebars that are not easy to change because they are stem-integrated to hide cables. Reflective stickers and accents on the fenders, frame, and tires help keep you safe. Comfortable saddle and grips, useful smartphone app and wireless heart rate monitor integration. Fairly expensive, but you can skip the belt drive and LCD display if you opt for the 5-speed Turbo Como 4.0 SL model. Since the primary battery is not easily removable, you may need to store the entire bike inside, away from extreme heat or cold, and near a charging port. Kickstand pokes into soft terrain and is center-mounted which creates pedal lock when backing the bike up. No USB charging ports, no suspension elements – just high volume cruiser tires. No remote button pad near the grips, just at the center displays or your smartphone app.

0:00 Introduction summary and pricing
3:17 Cheryl’s first ride impressions
4:40 Weight discussion, 47.2lbs with accessories
5:24 Tire size details and closeup
5:44 Ride test on gravel, climbing a medium hill
8:28 Motor stats, Class 3 speed pedelec details
9:16 Brake details and stopping test
10:05 Grips and handlebar discussion
13:44 Overall comfort, saddle and pedals
15:57 LCD display and Mission Control smartphone app
19:38 Mid-step benefits, lifting the bike, car rack
21:02 Closeup and details for flextender fenders
21:38 Color options, reflective safety enhancements
22:31 Lights, rack carrying options, kickstand
24:05 Battery charger, case, battery care tips
26:33 SWAT mounting point on saddle, rack weight limits
27:46 Limitations of rear rack, not child seat compatible
28:17 Dealer support, reputation, comfort options
29:07 First person ride test with hill climb
31:14 Frame-mounted camera, motor and drivetrain closeup
33:19 Closing segment

Diminishing Single Speed Mountain Bikes

The genuine enjoyment of cycling comes when you paddle hard and also harder when you involve a hill. The actual feeling of achievement in each and every single ascends as well as covering every long stretch is what actual cycling is everything about. This can only be really felt on an actual solitary rate mtb.

The Real Mountain Bike Action

Like me there are countless individuals around the globe that just like to see thrilling experience sports competitions. A lot of my watching is on television where I obtain to see many sporting events on sports networks. My perpetuity preferred is the complimentary flight hill bike events.

Setting Appropriate Pressure in Mountain Bike Tires

Riding a bike is even more than just stabilizing as well as paddling. To get the true joy of your trip, it is mandatory to have appropriate tire pressure in your mountain bike. This has a marked impact on your bike’s performance. Tire pressure can vary considerably in between biker to motorcyclist as well as tire setup to tire configuration. Path conditions and also the kind of terrain can likewise significantly affect what tire stress you need to run.

Essential Components of Mountain Bikes

Mountain bicycle are great fun as well as a genuine adventure applicants sporting activity. Those who understand the fact that real delight is when you are risk-free are the ones that get maximum satisfaction from it.

An Overview of Free Ride Mountain Bikes

Free flight is a reasonably new concept in the cycling community, which was essentially created by the producers of the mountain bicycle as attention as well as advertising project. This was introduced with a purpose to draw in the crowds of individuals that were the believers of flexibility of action as well as considered that every person has the right to act at their very own cost-free will without keeping the danger consider mind.

What You Can Find in Mountain Bike Parks

Biking is enjoyable almost everywhere, yet when it involves hill bikes the actual enjoyable starts when you most likely to the locations for which these bikes are mostly developed for. That is the hill bike parks.

What You Should Know About Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bicycle shoes are generally a specialized pair not indicated for walking, however, for the single purpose of reliable paddling when you are on your bike. That is not simply all that is to their being specialized, they are various for different kind of bike sporting activities, the kind of bike, the area you mean to bike in, as well as it would certainly also be different from one person to another.

Kona Mountain Bikes For the Girl on the Go

Kona Bike Company was founded in 1988 by Jacob Heilbron “Jake the Serpent”, who originally started Rocky Mountain Bikes, Dan Gerhard as well as very early all-terrain bicycle racer as well as champion Joe Murray, that has considering that carried on to Voodoo Bikes. Although they have a great deal of lower end bikes to compete with the big names like Specialized, Trek, and also Giant, their full suspension lines include the Stab, Howler, Stinky, as well as Coiler and are quickly a few of the very best cost-free flight as well as downhill bikes on the marketplace today. What they have in store is yet an additional terrific …

How to Buy GT Mountain Bike – Prices Lower Than Expectation

There is no question that the market place has altered substantially in the last few years. This has actually occurred due to the upcoming web market, which almost sells every little thing.

Making a Gas Powered Mountain Bike

Bikes are fun to ride around, yet in some cases it comes to be extremely strenuous to paddle when it comes to be a part of your routine commuting and you are really feeling down. The most effective solution is converting your normal one right into a gas powered mtb. This provides you the flexibility of having a bike which you can paddle and when wanted, can be converted to operate on gasoline.

The Pro Dream Machine – Rocky Mountain Bikes

As the name deems suitable for this bike, the Rocky Hill Bikes are what every bicycle rider that wishes to ride uphill would certainly love to have one. They are constructed not simply wonderfully, but they are ideal for off road tracks, where climbing up is a significant requirement.

Better Rides With a Bike Carrier Hitch!

One of the very best acquisitions you can make as a constant bike motorcyclist is a bike carrier hitch. As a bike biker you value that it is essential to carry the bike together with you on journeys to get the ideal flight. It comes to be a pain to simply taking place flights that are near your residence! As soon as you have the capacity to just toss the bike on the drawback installed bike provider, you’re quickly mosting likely to expand addicted to bringing your bike all over you go!

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