Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 EQ Review – $5.8k

https://electricbikereview.com/specialized/turbo-tero-4-0-eq/ The Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 EQ is a feature-complete hardtail cross country electric mountain bike outfitted with outstanding fenders, rear rack, and integrated lights available in four frame sizes and three trim levels (3.0, 4.0, 5.0). Capable as a commuting platform and light off-road machine thanks to knobby 29er tires and high-end hydraulic brakes. Excellent weight distribution and electronics integration. Lightweight, smooth, responsive Brose motor (custom made with Specialized) offers up 70nm of torque and is highly tunable with Mission Control smartphone app. Internally routed cables stay out of the way and look great. Outstanding battery pack shape and mounting design, there’s no need for a separate cover that adds weight and complexity, removal feels safe despite exiting downwards from the downtube. Magnetic charging interface is convenient and durable, fast charger is compact and capable. TCD2 MasterMind color display can be dimmed, beeps and haptics can be disabled, you can even customize readouts or remove screens. Above-average suspension fork with 110mm travel, compression, lockout, preload, and rebound adjustability. High-visibility reflective sticker and integrated lights (which can be turned off) keep you safe. USB-C charging port on display helps maintain portable electronics. Dropper seat post makes the bike approachable and Body Geometry touch points feel great (to me). Pointy kickstand, less immediate power from standstill, front fender that clips curbs and bike racks, high price, limited availability, no equipped models in North America are the drawbacks.

0:00 Tero 3.0 vs 4.0 vs. 5.0, Brose Specialized 2.2 motor
1:49 Total weight, battery and motor weight details
2:47 Double bottle cage mounts, front rack mount, step-thru 3.0 model
3:21 Two color choices, E5 aluminum frame, suspension fork intro
4:30 Tire details 29″ x 2.35″ with dense knobby design that’s quiet
4:59 Suspension fork adjustments: LSC lockout, preload, rebound
5:45 Headlight mount design, optional front rack possibility someday
6:30 Sturdy fender support, Drytech and Flextender fender designs
7:21 Rear rack details: MIK HD, 27kg capacity, pannier hangers, bungee loops
7:52 Lights demo, 210 lumen headlight, kickstand details and adjustments
9:40 Rear wheel speed sensor design, IPX6 rated against water
10:25 Drivetrain details: 11 speed 11-42T cassette, SRAM NX derailleur
11:26 Hydraulic disc brakes: SRAM Guide 200/180mm rotors, quad piston
12:20 Plastic pedals, 30.9mm TranzX dropper post, hybrid handlebar
13:19 Flick bell demo, dropper post demo, battery pack unlock and removal
15:40 Battery charge port: Rosenberger EnergyBus magnetic plug
16:38 Specialized ebike battery charger 4 amp output, 1.9lbs
17:30 Registration extends warranty and enables system lock and alarm
18:28 Re-inserting and locking the battery, backpedal demo
19:37 TDC2 MasterMind introduction, USB-C charging port, removability
20:39 Powering on the display, buttons, lights, walk mode, settings
22:24 Mission Control smartphone app overview, ride test begins with climb
26:39 Third person clip, comfort discussion, body cam shots
29:56 Conclusion with site resources: forums and compare tool

What You Should Bring With You Mountain Biking

Hill biking is very prominent with every age teams and also all over the globe. There are lots of web sites where you can locate suggestions and encourage on what devices to acquire and also what bike to ride to assist you begin at mtb riding however before you go full speed ahead and pursue a trip on your hill bike you should give some significant factor to consider regarding what equipment to bring with you for your flight, after all you may be out for a long flight and also be several miles away from house.

Mountain Bike Beginners Guide – Equipment You Will Need

A growing number of people are obtaining in to riding a bike, what with the price of fuel as well as the rise in many people prefer to stay healthy and fit. It is due to these 2 factors in addition to others that mountain cycling has actually ended up being one of one of the most preferred entertainment tasks for individuals of any ages in addition to households. Most individuals recognize exactly how to ride a bike yet are quite clueless when it comes to what devices to purchase to support their hill bikes.

How to Negotiate a Muddy Trail When Mountain Biking

Mountain bicycle riding is among one of the most competent forms of biking that there is, this is why it is so prominent with many various people. From path riding to woodland riding to downhill coming down to climbing a steep rocky course there are a lot of various skills and also techniques that you need to find out if you desire to be a mountain cycling professional. One of the easiest abilities to learn is exactly how to discuss a sloppy path when out on your mountain bicycle.

How to Properly Warm Up For a Mountain Bike Ride

Hill cycling resembles any kind of other sporting activity, if you are not completely prepared for the physical effort that you are about to participate in you might well locate on your own getting harmed in any kind of variety of ways. Whether it is a drawn muscle mass or a stress to something a lot more serious these are points that you do not wish to come across as well as they are conveniently stayed clear of if you take the right precautions before you established off for your ride and likewise in the very first few miles of your trip. So what are the main points that you should do to ensure you stay injury free prior to you also set off on your trip?

Why We Recommend Platypus Water Bottle?

People need to lug water bottles whenever they’re out especially for sport-person. A wonderful and also advantageous tool addition to the traveler’s kit is the collapsible canteen. Platypus retractable water container is your ideal choice as it has all the features of an ideal container.

Looking For a Top Notch Mountain Bike Tyre?

With the amount of mountain bicycle tires readily available to get nowadays it is not surprising that many individuals tend to stick to what they have ridden before. Just as good as this fail safe, we fear change attitude may be it may also be that you are not doing on your own any type of favours by not checking out to see what there is available or at the very least asking recommend from fellow cyclists regarding what they recommend.

Riding A Maxxis Ignitor Tyre For The First Time

Changing the tires on your mtb from ones that you are made use of to and also have ridden for some time can be a terrifying procedure. Will the brand-new tires be as grippy as the ones you have been riding and will last? How will they take care of when you are riding over rough surface? These are all legitimate inquiries that you need to take into consideration when altering your mountain bicycle tires. So what tyres would I think about changing to?

Choosing The Right Mountain Bike Tyre Does Not Have to Be a Difficult Choice

When riding a mountain bike it is necessary to make certain that you have actually tires fitted to your horse that depend on the work that you are going to inquire to do. Inexpensive tyres or used tires will reduce the quality of your trip and might also put your wellness in jeopardy if they are dangerous. So what should you look out for when fitting new hill bike tyres to your mtb?

How to Improve Mountain Biking Performance

Long-suspension path bikes (120 mm and also above) developed with geometry which allows cross-country biking are one of the most prominent mtb today. Route bike modification, riding design, use brakes as well as pedaling, are various from short-suspension bikes. In this write-up, you will certainly locate some pointers to capitalize on the route bikes like: Trek FUEL EX LOVER, Merida TRANS MISSION and Giant TRANCE.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike Size

Acquiring a brand-new mtb? Besides choosing the appropriate bike based on your riding style, you should choose the one that fits your body. What should you pay focus on before taking out the purse?

Bike Lights for Night Riding

Investing in high quality LED bike lights will certainly go a lengthy method this winter season. The clocks will certainly be going back on Sunday 30th October 2011 which indicates just one point for cyclists, it’s officially light season on the bike! The nights are reeling in quick as well as that suggests there are a lot less daytime hours to suit a mountain bicycle ride.

The Difference Between a Pedal Bike and a Normal Bike

Whilst the popularity of balance bikes are growing here in the UK, we do get asked “what is the difference as well as why are equilibrium bikes different”. A great deal of individuals will still not have listened to about balance bikes, which is far from surprising when you see the huge range of kids’s bicycles readily available below in the UK.

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