Stromer ST3 Pinion LE Review – $9.2k

The Stromer ST3 Pinion LE is a highly refined speed pedelec with near-silent motor, regenerative braking, and premium integrated lights. The ST3 Pinion features an internally geared bottom bracket with 9 speeds, a 568% gear ratio, and can shift at standstill. The Launch Edition (LE) features special edition metallic red paint and a red Gates Carbon belt drive that is clean, durable, and quiet. Top of the line touch points include Ergon saddle, GS1 locking grips, and wide aluminum alloy platform pedals. Custom Pirelli tires offer volume and width for comfort, stability, traction, and puncture resistance. Optional WREN inverted suspension fork with matching fender and suspension seat post take comfort to the next level. Optional anti-lock brake system. Brake light activation and LED running light with integrated USB charging port are unique and useful. Extra large battery pack extends range but fills fast with the included 4.5 amp charger. Onboard electronics include 4G cellular communications for remote locking, tracking, and over the air updates. Optional smartphone app lets you tune the motor. The sturdy frame, large battery, and powerful motor all combine to make the bike heavy, but the weight is well distributed front to back. The center-mount kickstand can create pedal lock if left deployed when moving the bike around. It would be nice if the wires and cables could route through the frame itself vs. the external plastic channel below the downtube.

0:00 Launch Edition, comfort configuration, 3 sizes, weight
0:41 High capacity 814wh battery, high powered 44nm motor
1:04 Pinion gearbox with evenly spaced 568% gear ratio
1:48 Benefits of internal gearing: Gates Carbon Drive belt
2:28 Hydroformed frame, battery and motor weight, Boost hubs
2:49 Kinekt suspension post and inverted Wren fork options
3:09 Sturdy alloy fenders, RackTime rack, bags and panniers
4:07 Large frame demo bike, long 175mm crank arms, pedals
4:24 Roxim front and rear lights, standard 31.8mm handlebar
5:23 Pricing, sold through shops, 2 warranty, Ergon grips
5:45 Comfort stem option, TRP hydraulic brakes, USB A port
6:28 Optional anti-lock brake from Blubrake, Pirelli tires
7:12 Cable routing, backpedal, kickstand with pedal lock
8:15 Shifting at standstill, electronic horn, mirror option
9:20 Belt reliability, sprocket and chainring and crank sizes
10:26 Lights discussion, powering on the bike, display LCD
11:19 Mounting a smartphone, Stromer OMNI app features
12:24 No reflective tires, lights demo, frame color options
13:27 Battery unlock and removal, interchangeable packs
14:30 Large battery charger offers 4.5 amps, welcome box
15:42 Customer bike with Garmin mount, mirror, trunk bag
16:36 Wren suspension fork vs. Kinekt suspension post
18:59 Torque multi-sensing pedal assist is very smooth
19:29 Three assist levels, deep display walkthrough, recoup
21:45 Ride test handheld cam, frame shots, third person
23:28 Acceleration tests, multi-shifting discussion
25:25 Conclusion with shop ride by, compare tool, forums

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