Stromer ST7 Review Short

While attending the (e)revolution electric bike show in Denver Colorado, I got to connect with Stromer to learn more about their ST7 electric bike. I learned that the company skipped the ST4 and ST6, and that they are using the Pinion gearbox system for their latest model. This bike offers many of the same features that Stromer has been known for including high speed Class 3 28mph 45km/h operation, powerful integrated lights, premium tubular aluminum alloy fenders, an sturdy inverted suspension fork, the color touch screen OMNI display panel and smartphone app, GPS and theft detection, USB-C charging port below the top tube, and durable Pirelli tires. The gears are shifted electronically, and you can see the gear on the OMNI LCD display, it can also be setup to downshift whenever you stop. Pinion can be shifted at standstill 🙂

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