Surface 604 Shred Review – $2.6k

The Surface 604 Shred is a feature rich hardtail electric mountain bike with 9-speed drivetrain, plus sized 2.8″ wide tires, sturdy 15mm thru-axle, adjustable top speed, responsive torque sensing pedal assist, quiet motor, and trigger throttle with full power. Upright geometry, integrated headlight, and lots of mounting points make this a versatile platform. Available in two frame sizes, and a third XS version with 26″ wheels for youth riders! Decent spring suspension fork with lockout and preload adjust, offers 110mm of travel. Optional 20 amp hour battery upgrade can greatly extend range. Optional inverted air suspension fork, rear rack, fenders, suspension seat post, and more. The bike is pre-wired for a rear light. Good sized 180mm hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors on both levers. Large color display with integrated USB charging port is useful. Second USB charging port on side of battery pack. Good kickstand, bottle cage boses below downtube, flick bell, and locking Velo grips. Narrow-wide chainring helps to prevent drops, but there’s no slap guard to protect the right chain stay from chips over time. Decent Shimano Alivio derailleur, but no clutch feature and the trigger shifter requires index finger vs. thumb for both. Basic 2-amp charger can be slow for the high capacity batteries. The bike is fairly heavy for a hardtail, due to larger tires, reinforced frame, and high capacity battery packs. Tires aren’t puncture resistant or reflective.

Full review with specs and comparison tool:

0:00 Introduction and overview, two frame sizes, $2,599 USD price
0:59 Bafang 500 watt planetary geared hub motor, torque sensing PAS
1:27 Hydraulic disc brakes, boost hub spacing, plus sized tires
2:34 Stock spring suspension fork, optional Wren air fork, trail ride
3:37 Utility options: rear rack bosses, commuter package, headlight
4:05 Cranks and pedals, 38T narrow-wide chainring, 9-speed cassette
5:48 Brake details: 180mm rotors, quieter resin pads, adjustable levers
5:59 Good wire management, brake caliper placement, extra slack
6:30 New XS version with 26″ wheels, low standover and battery position
7:00 Unlock and remove battery, capacity options, care tips, chargers
8:44 Grips, trigger throttle, adjustable reach brake levers, shifters
9:50 Powering on the bike, display walkthrough, headlight demo
12:55 Ride test first person view, then body camera view with climb
15:52 Conclusion, comparison tools, electric bike forums

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