Tenways AGO X Review 2023

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The Tenways AGO X is a sleek-looking commuter e-bike with plenty of adventuring potential! We talk about the bike’s performance and components in this Tenways AGO X review.

One of the first things to stand out to us about the AGO X was its fantastic handling; with 770 mm handlebars, steering was responsive and precise. The 29”x2.25” tires maneuvered smoothly while providing great stability when moving and braking.

With a 250W mid-drive motor, the AGO X provided a natural-feeling ride much like a non-electric bike – just with a boost! The motor dispenses more power when it’s needed thanks to the torque sensor that responds to the amount of pressure on the pedals.

The AGO X is relatively unique in the world of commuters; the bike’s gearing, motor, handlebars, and suspension fork give it serious potential for riding off-road.
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7:15 Speed Test
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16:57 Ride Quality
21:21 Tenways AGO X Conclusion

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