Tenways CGO600 Pro Review | Lightweight City Bike With A Stellar Ride

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The CGO600 Pro is the upgraded version of Tenways first e-bike model, the original CGO600. This city bike features a 350W rear hub motor with a torque sensor for a responsive and natural-feeling ride. We cover the bike’s biggest features, its specs, and its test performance in this Tenways CGO600 Pro review.

We enjoyed the simplified user interface provided by the CGO600 Pro’s single-speed drivetrain and 3-stage pedal-assist system (PAS). These features, in combination with the bike’s motor, provide an easy but highly functional setup so riders can just get to pedaling!

Such a simplified system also requires very little maintenance thanks to the bike’s Gates Carbon belt drive. Chain-driven, multi-speed systems require lubrication and regular upkeep, but those things aren’t a factor with the CGO600 Pro.

On top of all of that, the CGO600 Pro’s design is clean and minimal as well, making for an eye-catching ride that’s sure to turn heads!

0:00 Tenways CG600 PRO Review
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9:54 Brake Test
11:40 Circuit Test
14:00 Range Test
15:39 Hill Test
18:03 Tenways CG600 PRO Conclusion

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