The Best Black Friday Electric Bike Deals 2023

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Aventon –
Lectric –
Rad Power Bikes –
Ride1UP –
Electric Bike Co. –
Mokwheel –
Blix –
Himiway –
Specialized –
Evelo –
QuietKat –
Tenways –
Vvolt –
GoCycle –
Juiced –
Trek –
Velotric –
HollyWood Racks –

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re here to share the best deals on e-bikes we could find for Black Friday. Whether you’re purchasing a gift for friends or family, treating yourself to a new ride, or upgrading your current e-bike, you’re not going to want to miss out!

And frankly, this year’s deals are insane! We’ve seen incredible savings up to half off depending on the model and brand.

We aren’t talking about low-quality bikes that you’d need to replace in a year, either; with the experience we gained after reviewing literally hundreds of e-bikes, we’ve selected only the best deals on some of the best e-bikes from the best brands.

So if you’re looking for unbeatable deals on e-bikes with great performance and feel, check out our guide to the best electric bike Black Friday deals! (hey, that rhymed!)

0:00 Black Friday E-Bike Deals
1:36 Aventon
3:17 Lectric
5:40 Rad Power Bikes
7:03 Ride1UP
8:23 Electric Bike Co.
10:42 Mokwheel
12:00 Blix
12:52 Himiway
13:50 Specialized
14:57 Evelo
15:53 Best of the Rest

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