The Best Electric Bikes 2023 | Our Expert’s Top 13 List

Check out the current pricing of each of these e-bikes:
Aventon Aventure 2 –
Lectric XP 3.0 –
Ride1UP 700 Series –
RadRunner Series –
Blix Aveny Skyline –
Aventon Pace 500.3 –
Himiway Cruiser –
Specialized Turbo Como –
Ride1UP Revv 1 –
Electric Bike Company Model S –
Lectric XPedition –
RadCity 5 Plus –
Mokwheel Basalt –

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Electric bike design is really hitting its stride, and if you need help picking out the right one for you then look no further than our list of the best electric bikes.

Our team of reviewers has collectively logged over 10,000 miles of testing over the last two years alone, and that’s not counting all the personal miles we’ve racked up along the way too! We’ve tested models from all the best e-bike styles: cruisers, commuters, fat-tire e-bikes, and much more. Each bike is different and comes with its inherent strengths and tradeoffs, but rest assured, there is one out there that fits your needs.

With so many different variables in e-bikes from frame styles, motor type, features and more, it’s important to consider YOUR personal criteria for finding the top e-bike for you. Make sure you consider carefully the following points:

What Features Do You Need?
We have no shortage of wants for a stellar electric bike, but in reality, there is usually a rather small number of e-bike needs. Comfort is always welcome, but do you need top-tier suspension if you’re sticking to mostly paved roads? Nobody wants to be caught with a battery out of charge, but is the extra battery capacity really worth your extra cash if you’re primarily going short distances? Make sure to balance out creature comforts with your intended use so you find the right value electric bike for you.

What E-Bike Style Fits You?
One of the great things about electric bikes is how the motor makes the frame style less crucial, but it’s not something to overlook either. You can commute on almost anything, but do you really want to go offroading on a beach cruiser? The mighty fat tire e-bikes are fast, fun, and go most anywhere, but they can be heavier and harder to take on a bike rack. Make sure to get the full scope of how you’ll mainly be riding so the design can fit your needs.

How Much Battery Do You Need?
High up on the list of questions we get about e-bikes deals with range. We get it, pedaling an e-bike without a battery is more workout than you bargained for. As with the other points, really identify what you’ll mainly be doing with your electric bike and see if the range we got in our testing would meet your needs. Lightweight city bikes are great for apartment dwellers, but less ideal for longer weekend rides. Massive 960Wh batteries give great range, but they add weight and they don’t recharge quickly. Think carefully before making the decision on capacity.

What Is Your Budget?
A bit of an obvious question, but important nonetheless. The market is flush with great bang-for-your-buck electric bikes and has no shortage of high-tech wizardry for a bit more cash too with a healthy-sized ‘middle class’ of electric bikes as well.

With great consideration to all the questions above, we’ve picked a collection of bikes that should be beneficial to everybody who is searching for their personal best electric bike. If there is anything you feel we are missing from this list, be sure to check the EBR website from the link above, and lets us know of other great e-bikes out there in the comments section.

0:00 Best Electric Bikes 2023 Intro
1:22 Methodology
2:27 Aventon Aventure 2
4:50 Lectric XP 3.0
7:01 Ride1UP 700 Series
9:25 RadRunner Series
13:40 Blix Aveny Skyline
15:39 Aventon Pace 500.3
18:07 Himiway Cruiser
20:14 Specialized Turbo Como
23:05 Ride1UP Revv 1
25:52 Electric Bike Company Model S
29:25 Lectric XPedition
32:17 RadCity 5 Plus
34:56 Mokwheel Basalt
37:38 Conclusion

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