The New 2022 Aventon Pace Ebikes Unbox & Deep Dive

The Aventon Pace was already Aventon’s best selling electric bicycle and now this popular ebike is even better.

Aventon added a color display, larger battery, integrated lights, Bluetooth app, and integrated battery to futurize the brand new Pace ebikes.

In this review, we unbox, setup, and walk through the Aventon Pace 500 standard and step through frame. After setting them up, Andrew and his wife take them for a ride and give you their impressions.

Current pricing on the Aventon Pace 500:

Current pricing on the Aventon Pace 500 Step Through:

Thousand Heritage helmets we are wearing:

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Have questions about the safety gear Andrew and I wear? Here is a write up we did on all the safety gear we wear:

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